What is your favorite store or shop?


As for me Home Depot, yeah buddy! The smell of fresh cut lumber, the new gadgets and tools. The garden department with it’s many colors, the latest appliances area. Life is made up of all the little things, happy day everybody…


Lidl and Aldi , you go in for a loaf of bread and come out with a chainsaw :joy:


I’m the same :joy: and Home bargains :roll_eyes: xxx


Does Amazon count?:rofl::joy: other than Amazon I like me some Home Depot lol


I like vintage and antique shops. We have a huge one here called Midland Arts & Antiques. It’s massive.photo0jpg


Wow that place is huge


And B and M! :joy:


Sprouts, it’s a grocery store with inexpensive produce; or Costco lol


Cabela’s, REI, and Northwoods Outlet (anyone on I75 in Michigan knows the signs…Free paddle w/ kayak)


I love drug stores…I could spend hours upon hours looking at cosmetics and health products. LOL

I also love Chapters/Indigo. As much for books as for the home decor stuff. Plus Starbucks in house makes browsing enjoyable.

I just love any store that I can browse in for hours. :sparkling_heart:


Does a internet shop count? I :heart: Etsy!


I love a good garden centre or a farm shop! Ultimate favourites are anywhere with crystals!


Internet shopping does count


It used to be the whiskey aisle in total wine, now its a toss-up between Lowes and The Brass Armadillo Antiques…or anyplace with good coffee…


Oh yes, crystals. We went to a crystal shop in Sedona while on vacation. Poor hubby stood outside while girls and I were going through every nookand cranny. :heart_eyes:


Haha i can spend hours in them!


Target :dart: Is my happy store


Anyone else not have a favorite? lol I super-duper hate shopping. I struggle just grocery shopping these days. Ugh.


My wife broke her foot and has been using insta cart. 10 per month unlimited deliveries. Longer commitments are even cheaper.


Im the same way… I go in stores with an agenda to get and leave . I dont linger and check things out in stores. I hate shopping or going with people to shop…Ebay for me or Amazon if i dont wanna wait and pay alil more…