What video games have you enjoyed playing recently (since 2020 i guess)?

My daughter is playing Genshin, the game looks impressive!

I finished Far Cry 6 (It’s supposed to be trash but I thought it was pretty cool and as fun as usual), Call of the sea (a reflection/puzzle game), Callisto protocol (short but what an atmosphere), and now as it’s Halloween I’m on Resident Evil 8: Village. I’m loving it :skull:

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Current rotation.

Gotham city knights
Warhammer Darktide

When I get time to play.


Resident Evil is perfect for Halloween! I heard Far Cry 6 was pretty meh from a lot of sources too, but personal taste will always win out. I’ve never heard of “Call of the Sea”. I’ll have to check it out.

Genshin Impact is a visual and audio work of art, and the elemental combat system is pretty interesting even if it is not overly difficult. The world building is great for those invested enough to dig into it, yet the top surface story is simple enough in design for anyone to understand. Though that also means some of the dialogue and character writing suffers in quality at a certain point to keep things simple enough for all ages and reading levels.

If I were to point out one thing they could do better, it would be with end game content. Being a live service game that comes out with updates fairly often, they do a good job of the new and temporary event content they release; however, at a certain point, there is not enough difficult content for older players who have built their units up over time, the min-maxer/meta type, or those who have spent a lot of money on their account.

It makes for a good casual game in general that can easily be a continuous “side game” that can easily be kept up on every day with minimal time investment when needed-- though I would suggest caution to anyone with a gambling addiction, since it has gatcha mechanics and could hit on those gambling addiction triggers.

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The reissue of Red Dead on the Switch

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2048 doesn’t qualify as a video game, does it? :crazy_face::see_no_evil:

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I don’t see why not. :smile_cat: it is electronic and it is a game.

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The hubs downloaded Crash Bandicoot for me on his playstation. I love it!!!

I have played mortuary assistant. It’s a horrible game. I get nightmares for a few days. Sorry for my english, because i am german. And i played the evil within and Tomp Raider 1 with my retro stick.

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