What was anyone’s experience in the first month of sobriety?

What was anyone’s experience in the first month of sobriety?


My mind would constantly obsess over drugs and I experienced the full range of emotions to the fullest extemt and they could change from one second to the next. What have you been experiencing m8? :slight_smile::slight_smile:

  • Extremely tired, all the time. Couldn’t catch a good nights sleep though.

  • Constantly switching from sad to angry to sad …

  • So VERY hungry. Especially craved sweet stuff.

  • Unable to focus on anything.

I think that covers the bulk of my experience :sweat_smile:

How are you doing?

  1. First nights of real sleep in years.
  2. Turning from beer bozo into Cookie monster…
  3. Allmost from day 1 my angers became less dominant in my life
  4. A clear mind to think about what the f**k I was doing with my life…

Day 25, so almost there. Deff craving sweets, one day I’ll wake up happy,the next sad. Whilst experienceing every emotion through out the day, happy, sad, mad, anxious, tired, stressed, like I want to smack someone. And then back to happy. Last night I cried for the first time bc my girls were being lil Wales splashing water everywhere out of the tub😂. Today I’ve maintained a pretty good energy, I’m extremely lethargic feeling tho too. And yeah I can’t sleep for shit. But other then that this is a fun experience.


It was a real long month. Anxious, depressed, happy, sad, hopeful, doubtful. Alcohol consumed my mind, it still does some days. Its been worth every second tho, good luck.


I am two months sober in the first month…

  • I found my sleep much better now it seems to be getting shitty again. :tired_face:
  • I changed my obsessive thinking about drinking to obsessive thinking about NOT drinking. Now I rarely think about it at all.
  • I felt completely overwhelmed with the thought of never drinking again… a month later I am at peace with that.
  • I was afraid to start the steps of NA, a month later I am excited to start them this Sunday.
  • I had to go hour by hour for the first 2 or 3 weeks… it was a long ass month. I find now it’s a day by day thing.
  • I had a very rude awakening the first time I had to handle any type of emotion without alcohol. That was also in my first month.

-Slept better than I had in years.
-Anger issues began subsiding.
-Physical issues from my drinking began subsiding.
-I ate so much ice cream…like, ungodly amounts.
-Started wondering how my music life was going to be, seeing as I played in bars, and every musician I know, bandmates included, all drink.


I have get super hot down my spine and than rapid heart race from alcohol withdraw

How many days in to the withdrawals are you,do you have somebody there who is able to keep an eye on you in case you get very sick. :slight_smile:

What do you mean Incase I get sick? We can get sick ? I get nausea dizziness weigh loss . And I live alone with my daughter I have no help

I have 25 days—almost a month. The first 19 days or so I would have some periodically strong cravings in the evening when I was alone. That is the time I’d usually drink and watch movies. To combat that I’d come on here or google things related to fatty liver disease, or how your brain/liver etc repairs/heals after repeated binging on alcohol. I watched a lot of YouTube videos related to quitting drinking and listened to meditation/hypnosis videos.
I don’t really have strong cravings now but that’s not to say it won’t come in the future.
I was more depressed and moody in the first 15 days or so, but I’ve been having periods of genuinely good moods. I feel like I’ve woken up and I’m more interested in goals, projects, hobbies, plans and I feel like I’ve been freed or delivered from something dark and I will acknowledge God here because I had honestly prayed about giving up alcohol once and for all. :thinking:So, I really hope I can keep the mindset of being done with it once and for all one day at a time because it was very draining to the quality of my life ! :cry:


Depending on the severity of your drinking it is possible to have a seizure in the first 48 hours after stopping dribking,I’m not trying to worry you. I believe it is only very heavy drinkers who are at risk of seizure. :slight_smile:

  • Better sleep
  • Anxiety attacks pretty much disappeared
  • Got my appetite back
  • More focused and less stressed at work (since I actually rested on weekends)

While I had some frustration at the beginning and bad days (like everyone has in life), generally speaking every day has been better than the day before and gotten me further away from even thinking about drinking.

Day 64 and still absolutely no desire of going back to my old ways. Best decision I’ve ever made.


My first month:

  • Sweaty nights
  • Bad sleeping
  • Emotions all over the place (mostly irritations/angry)
  • Seeing alcohol everywhere
  • A lot of craving
  • Eating a lot of sugar (chocolat)
  • Anxious
  • Restless
  • Bad dreams (also relapse dreams)
  • Tired

For me things were getting better after 3 months sober. Now 15 months sober and feeling “normal” again.


Tiredness. super hungry, especially for carbs and sugar which I hadn’t had before. anxiety curve went wayyyy down. feeling relieved, happier than I had in years. not too much energy yet. started to sleep again period - I’d have such bad sleep I thought I had serious insomnia, but was all due to the alk. Being thrilled to remember things better. Learning to trust yourself again, with what you say, do, think. Less shaky. More shaky. Emotions becoming clearer, more distinguishable from each other, rather than just a cacophany of DRAMA. Overall I mostly remember walking my dug in the early morning summer days and smiling to myself serenely and being smiled at by strangers who picked up on my good mood. Shame at what I’d done to myself for so long, how bad it had gotten too though.


Easy - because I was still full of overwhelming shame, anxiety and regret from my last drink

It was harder for me once that all subsided and I began to reform my relationships and forget about what happens when I drink / romanticise drinking again

I don’t do that today as I work a solid program of recovery. If there is any advice I can give is find a program and work it above anything else

This is from a past chronic relapser


30 days of absolute craziness but for every negative moment there was always a positive afterwards.


It fucking sucked! I wished I was dead, I was constantly confused, i couldnt get comfortable at night… I craved, I withdrew, I had to get my parents to do all the thinking for me - from when to wash my clothes to when to get up in the mornings. It were bollocks, it were.

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