Who is your higher power/God as we understand Him?

What or who have you found to be your helper…your God…your higher power…Mine is the Creator of everything… Everytime I felt alone and wanted a drink he was always there to lift me up…So who or what is your Higher Power


I had shower thoughts earlier today actually and was thinking about this very thing, and what it means to be “addicted.”
My philosophy is we put mind, over matter, but with addiction, we must then put spirit, over mind.
The “matter” is the alcohol (or DOC), or the physical addiction, and any of the desired effects as well as bad side effects such as withdrawal…
The “mind” is the psychological addiction. When you are first quitting from alcohol or any other drug your mind will still crave it possibly for a long time… at the same time we put “mind over matter”, in order to “conquer” the matter, or addiction.
the “higher power” is the spirit, essentially our essence as human beings to better ourselves and live our best life… and is the thing that is a higher power than ourselves, although it (our spirit, or “soul”) is in all of us…
hopefully that makes sense.


I focus on the present moment a lot…
I feel being present as much as possible is my purpose in life. During these times of acceptance/presence is where I find a lot of good within myself, others, this world etc. It sounds pretty basic, but it works for me.


I don’t see God in the religion sense. There is a creative force that is bigger than we can imagine and we are all part of that force, just as we are part of each other. Because I believe time is an illusion, I believe that it is the duty/honor of ourselves when we become more advanced in our soul growth to help ourselves in previous stages. And that can happen instantly because there is no time. It’s just that that part of my journey isn’t visible to me because it is at another frequency level.

I don’t see that part of myself as ‘the higher power’, but rather who I can turn to for help, along with guides and gardiens who are there to help me through the experience of this lifetime and I will return the favor to them.

So in essence, I am my higher power.


Great topic.
I been struggling a lot lately. I’m a recovering Catholic who turned completely away from God through my 20’s. Now I’m a Lutheran, haven’t been to church for a long time. And that’s ok. But I’m also struggling with religion and especially with some of the Christians out there these days. I do believe in the Triune God. God, the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. If I wasn’t able to pray and put things in Gods hands I would not be here today.

As Martin Luther said about the Bible.
“I’m not asking how it all makes sense. All I need to know is whether it is God’s Word or not. If God said it, then that decides it.”

“I believe that I cannot by my own reason or strength, believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord, or come to Him. But the Holy Spirit has called me by the Gospel…”
Martin Luther, “Explanation To The Third Article”

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

And most importantly:

1 John 4:8 - But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.
1 John 4:16 - We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love. God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.

Do I have doubts? Maybe. And that’s ok. I’m a human with reasoning. But I have been able to turn to and trust in God.

And as Earnie Larsen said up at Cirque Lodge in Orem Utah up in the mountains. “You want to see God? Go outside! When you come in you just try and tell me there’s no God.”

Don’t know if I answered your question. But thanks for the topic and letting me get this out there.


I study the works of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, who emphasized archetypes as a way to connect to what they called the “collective unconscious” (the one, the mystery, the source). The gods and goddesses of religions are merely images such that our limited human minds may begin to understand our ultimate divinity, and with this one can begin to see the connections between religions and rather than the differences. For example, the static masculine archetype emphasizes structure, judgment, and order and is represented by the Judeo-Christian God, Greek god Zeus, African god Ra, and on and on.
I use an image from the static feminine archetype, which is the closest to the collective unconscious and is represented by the mother goddesses of unconditional love and protection - Mary, Aphrodite, Inanna, and on. I personally use the image of Aset (Isis in Greek mythology) because she is a goddess of transition and advocacy, which are strong motivators for me at the moment. Kali has also been a wonderful dynamic feminine archetypal image for me as she represents the death of the ego and the things that were no longer serving us (like my drinking).

Archetypes are wonderfully interesting in my opinion.


Love❤ Everything is good about that power and it’s stronger than me.


Love this. This is my higher power right here. Love. And I believe God IS love and yes Love Is God . These two words are synonymous. And through the love we ALL have within, we can do our best to be compassionate and loving to all that is around us and in our presence :heart::pray:

Thanks @Dazercat


I grew up in church. However I never really saw God until I was on my own in the military. I believe it’s easy to be a Christian when you are comfy at home without any responsibly. But when life kicks you in the balls and you have no one to turn too, God is always there. Not sure if that makes sense.


Raised catholic but never ran with it. Read a lot about many religions and faiths through the years and for a time was very spiritual despite being a very mathematical person.

Wandered away from that for a number of years, fell into the alcoholic pit.

Now? It really did start with the AA cliché “group of drunks.” Anyone who had their s— together more than I did I’d listen to. So pretty much everyone.

Working the steps, it evolved into Life, the Universe and Everything. I call it Lue. I still struggle to maintain my connection to whatever it is but it’s everything, with room for lessons from any faith.

And it is also you and all the others I meet everyday. Everyone a gift and a lesson of some kind. :pray:


I’m coming from a family of communists/socialists/anarchists/social democrats/humanists/teetotallers. Raised to make up my own mind. A bit too much maybe. I identify with much of what @eke says. I do feel there is more than the materialism (in the Marxist sense) and atheism I grew up with. I don’t believe in a god. I do believe in the power of the group, that one plus one is more than two. And I also feel and have always felt that there is a spiritual component to living, that we’re all connected, that every living being is connected to the next one, that we’re all stardust and that it is our duty and goal to care for each other and for this planet we live on. Together.


My higher power is the all seeing all changing MOTHER NATUTE , she can supply anything to us, she’s given ,she makes me feel alive, But she can also be something that can destroy, and be powerful beyond words, in good and bad,JUST LIKE US humans.Ever changing ,ever seeing ,always moving on from the seasons in our journey.:blue_heart::pray:


I don’t believe in any god or higher power to be honest with you. Unfortunately I think humans need to feel more significant than they really are, not meaning to sound too bleak. I think most people really want to believe that there must be more to this existence, but I don’t think there is. That is why so many people ‘find god’ when they’re about to die; they think their personality (soul) must be something more than it is, something important. Of course, we’re important to people around us, as parents, children and communities. But human life is ultimately fragile and futile - our purpose is not dissimilar to all the other organisms on earth; we are here to procreate and survive, that’s about all. Of course, along the way we can laugh, cry, help others, be helped, be loud and be quiet. But I hold no faith whatsoever in the ideal that there is something more than this - we just are; it’s a chemical and biological reaction and we have no idea at all, really, whether other organisms ‘feel’ their existence or consider what they are, what they are supposed to do. It’s impossible to measure. And I think that the very real tragedy of being is human is that we think we are more important than we are, that we really matter. That is the curse of being human.

So taking that stance, you may wonder why I bother keeping on going. For me, it’s important that I’m there for others (my wife, my children, work colleagues, friends in need) and if I can have a little fun along the way, snippets of joy, laughter and happiness, then that’s great. At the end of the day it’s all largely futile though; we are each but a split second occurrence in the fabric of existence and that’s about it. But people don’t like to hear that sort of thing, which is fine too. I really admire people of all faiths though (not the extremists, mind) and how they can bring higher meaning to their lives. More power to them, so long as they don’t force that on others and look down on them as inferior.


My subconscious.
My guide, Rose.

Very good post.


“Grown-up behaving like an adult me” is my higher power…


I am a Christian believer. I know both God and Satan exist, for I have seen the works of each.


I used to be an atheist and have come to believe in a higher power. This does not, for me, translate into believing in an after life. I think this is the only one I’ve got and that I cease to exist upon death.
But interestingly, my experience has been the opposite of what you’ve said. My connection to a higher power makes me feel less significant - in a good way. It encourages dissolution of the ego. It’s humbling. When I thought there was no higher power than me, I was the most important thing. Now I have more perspective and can stop ego-tripping. Well, not all the time but more often. Progress not perfection.


Me. I am my own higher power. My true self is a representation of the intangible/infinite in this physical/finite world. Some may say there is a soul, a holy spirit and a being beyond this realm, but I think the form we were all made in that is of god is not physical at all (how could it be, the idea is upsurd) and it is the true self in us.

Also I am an atheist. I do not have a theism lol. As a practicing Buddhist (although I do not like that term… or any term honestly) it is a path with a focal point of understanding and peace within while navigating the energies that both push and call.

Overall my motto is: The dude abides, the lord provides. Meaning if I’m on the path I trust I will skillfully navigate my life situations decently… either way I will reap what I sow.


Like @Tess, the concept of collective unconscious works for me. The stream of the divine, the goodness of the universe these also describe something of it for me.

Early 20th century spiritualism had a concept of the box - that we are in a box of space and time and we cannot know what is outside the box. I cannot imagine what is not space and not time. But I know it is there. Yes, as @Mno reminds us, we are the same stuff as stardust, there is the divine, the universe in each of us.

Sometimes, I like to think about the organelles within the cells of my body. What if they are as self-aware as people are? Do they know that they are an organelle, in a cell, in an organ, of a body, in relation to other people, on a planet in a system of planets in a galaxy in an ever expanding universe? How am I so very certain that people are the pinnacle of development? That is in fact such an egotistical thought it is laughable. Of course we are part of something larger and longer lasting, on a time scale of eons. Maybe there are multiple parallel universes that I cannot comprehend.

My higher power was a six pack of beer, ever consumed, and ever replaced. I did what that booze told me to do and I did not question it. And that, my friends, is as valid a higher power as Odin and Jesus and Buddah and love and nature and the wonder of space. It’s all one! We’re all one. I have a place I fit and a role that only I can fill. And I need all of you and all the rest of it for it work.

Then again, I’ve had one cup of coffee too many today, and I might just be flighty. Rule #62 - “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.”


Yes! Exactly

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