You are missed #3

Yes! I miss @Binx too!


@MandiH is another person I miss a lot


@TMAC I miss all the plant and Chief photos and you of course. I hope Ozzy did well for his snip and has recovered.


Thanks for thinking of me. All good here. Nearly at 2 months fully sober now. Hardly ever think of weed, and abusing my meds hasn’t been a consideration at any point. The intensive part of my program is over but I’m still attending a scaled-back version a few times a week. Really getting into some challenging things in therapy. It’s good.
Quit my part-time at the plant store. I love the place but I was burning myself out working 7 days a week. I’ve really enjoyed having my weekends for myself. There is also a pretty heavy weed culture there and it’s not good for me. Not at this stage, at least.
Ozzy is great. We are really getting into a groove re: routine, going to the bathroom outside, etc. Still pretty fearful of anyone that isn’t me or Chief, but that will come with time. Got him looked at by my own vet last week, full clean bill of health. Chief is less grouchy towards his brother now when it comes to sharing, they are pretty much inseparable.

Hope all is well with you!


Wonderful things you are doing there @TMAC thanks for the update. You are missed. I love that chief and Ozzy are inseperable now!


I’m glad you and the doggos are doing so well! I’m a bit behind you on the fully sober. Hit 40 days yesterday :partying_face::partying_face: Just got back from a trip to Santa Fe
Don’t be a stranger and hold all those plant and dog photos to yourself lol The flytrap one looks really cool!


Thanks - I did get a good one of them playing last night! Managed to stay still for a half second. There is a definite big brother/little brother dynamic at this point, pretty funny to watch.


Fantastic pair of doggos, @TMAC !!! Two happy smiles. Love your plants!! Just thinking back to your original posts about your cross country adventure. Seems like forever ago. A wonderful example of someone who rebuilt/is rebuilding their life.


Hello there people im good been away with the family ,had a few slip ups but standing strong x


@Jesile do we need an October challenge?


Aww thanks for thinking of me Thomas!

I’m doing pretty well, navigating my life changes and connecting to nature often. I’m still attending my zoom recovery meetings, exercising more and am eating better too. The days move very fast but I’m doing a lot of self-nurturing and it’s been a good change overall for me. :heart:


Yeah, I guess so… today I decided to try a new gym (starting next Monday) I’m bored by the one I’m going to now. Many things I need to change in my life… so yes, I’d be in for October. I’ll give it a thought what we could do! :slightly_smiling_face: Thx Dan! :pray:t2:


Wow @MandiH you look amazing. Great to read you’re doing well, sobriety is shining thro you :sparkles:


Hey Mel. Im still alive, :wink:. I got about 8 weeks left of the IOP program I started, so I been trying to concentrate 100% on that and not so much outside noise of social media. Still working with the counselors trying to figure out what program is gonna suit me best after this is over. I’ll be back on here more often again, when I’m done. Other than that, everything else has been good. Hope it’s all good with you and your family too. You guys can always DM me whenever yous want. Thanks for checking on me. Hope you all are doing good. :v::green_heart:


No rush, no pressure to come back, it sounds like you’re doing the best thing for you, that’s wonderful. :green_heart: It’s nice when you’re around, great energy, but all I wish is for your well-being. Take good care


So good to see you Mandi, you glow from the inside out :heart::sunny:


Hey @zzz, everything good there? Didn’t see your check-in or running update for a while


Thank You. Still training, but I just don’t want to be on spot anymore. Relapsed few times over this time. About once every weekend.

I don’t like atention really. If I do, it’s because I believe in it. It’s because I believe it can give something to others. Yes I am still doing my thing and I am not going to change anything. My program is based on Hope / Believe and Higher Power. I will repeat - I will not change anything. Period.

[Speeking to specific person right now in my head] You can tell me about lessons, but hey hey hey - I will tell You this my friend - Life is a Lesson ITSELF! Life is a Miracle happening Right Now… and we not even AWARE of it. We are sleeping. [end of the transition]

What else questions we can have here about addictions if We are SLEEPERS ffs ??
First of all - we need to WAKE UP - then all the darkness and addictions will fade away.

If it still not works then I guess our ego is still on the top and we are lying to ourselves. I need to dig deeper here…

Sending Love :heartpulse:


@Bluekoolaid Hope you are well



How are you guys doing?