You are missed


Thank you so much for thinking of me. That warms My :purple_heart: Yes I am doing well. How are you @Laualamp?


I am well and sober as well (over 11 months now :blush: ) soo happy to see you’re doing well! I get worried when some of the regulars disappear from the site.


Same here - whatever happened to @marsha!


@Chosen2001. Hope all is well buddy


Thanks for the note man. It was nice. I’m still struggling. I try everyday though. Things are good at home though. I’m back working which is great. So I have no excuse. But as we all know we never really need an excuse. Sigh…


Well keep trying Brother. You deserve to be happy. Whatever that I tails, you deserve it. I’m happy for you that things a better at home. Don’t be a stranger around here man

God bless:)


All good here :grinning:


I’m glad to see you back and letting us know. Best wishes


I’m not going to be posting a lot, just on the daily check in thread really :blush: hope you’re well!



I’m great! You do what you need to. You know we still care! So can I ask? Are you officially married now? Schooling going good?


@Ignatius where are you? Miss you Iggy


Glad you’re well, yes, I got married on 7th December :grinning: schooling?


That’s right, so you did, on my Birthday. Congratulations!! I hope you had a fabulous day :heart:


I thought you were going to nursing school?


Haha that ain’t me :slight_smile: I finished uni about 15 years ago :laughing:


It was amazing, thanks! Hope you had a great birthday!


I remeber who you are talking about! I cant remember her name but she looked like surfin and i used to get them confused all the time


What can I say I am getting old and senile :sob:. I’ll wake up soon


@Chad_R, @Mewilhoward - Louwho by any chance?


Yes thats it!