You are missed


Yeah I might of gotten the two enter mingled. Either way I am glad Surfin is doing well.


@louwho was in nursing school. She will be one year sober on January 7.


Glad to hear she is still goin strong


Louwho was fantastic - posted every day, passed her exams and went to work!


Hey! Thanks for thinking of me. I hit you on PM with my response, but the TL:DR version is this - I’m taking a break. I’ll be back, but don’t look for me for a while.


@Soberon5. Where you at brother?


He announced he was not going to post anymore. It was posted in the daily checkins if you want to read his reasoning.


He deleted his reasoning post. I think he felt this was more of a social forum and people werent taking their sobriety serious. Correct me if im wrong but i think that was the jist of it.


I think you nailed it pretty well. I just didn’t want to say it for him but if he took it down then I’ll sum it up too


@Ray_M_C_Laren I miss you. Some shit was talked about old timers, of which I am so not yet. I miss your wise words and hope things are going well with you.


@ThePurpleKing brother, we only talked a bit, but would like to get to know ya better.
Hope you’re alright and staying sober.


@Chad_R, @Mewilhoward, @C-sun just out of curiosity: how long have you guys been active on this forum? It seems to me like there is mention of some true “veterans” here…?
If so, I like that thought. No ships that pass in the night, but a truly solid group of people who support each other. And who look for those that are missed here.

Edit: I just realised the word veterans may not have been chosen wisely. I meant: people who hqve been posting here on a very regular basis, giving support for a long period of time. I did not mean to be rude!


Your words are appropriate! And I have been around right at a year. I think January 15-20 will be a actual year? This forum is around 18 months old. There are a few that were here before me that still do stay active. Many have moved on and stop by to share updates. Which I love, it’s nice to know how they are doing. When I joined it was about 1/3 as busy so we did get to know eachother pretty good. And yeah we had our differences but that’s okay it’s always been pretty respectful around here. I’d drop some names of some that came before me but you can click on the members profile and see their join date. And mine should really be a few days later than it actually is because I didn’t know about the forum at first (only knew I needed a counter but found this little fantastic community). You will form some bonds with people on here and start routing for them, it’s been a great place for my recovery.


@Chad_R, I somehow got the feeling that this forum / app is not that old, so 18 months only! Wow. It feels great not to have to go through all the pain and worries etc. all alone. That, and some humour thrown in for good measure (I now know I can order the famous tater tots in bulk, thanks to some American members here, hahaha)
Thanks for replying.


This board has helped me so much!!! I’m not 100% sure but I think in July the board turned a year old (close to that if not). And yes the support around here is given so freely, without ever wanting anything back. This is humanity at its best. And as you learn the person a bit and you see them say some stuff—-soon water will blast from your nose like a dolphin from laughing. It’s good to see you come in and join in and share so freely as well. We need you around here


Tomorrow is the big day!!! Thanks for remembering :blush::blush::blush: it means alot!


:joy::joy::joy:. That is a serious baseboard heater!!

I’m a runner too and love your third photo.
-just perfect!


I just took a screenshot of yours. I’ve seen some good posters when running in races, but damn if I can remember.

I’d recommend saving your money on the jogging stroller and getting a babysitter. Running is your me-time to re-energize. Sometimes running with your baby it is great, but many times the baby is fussy and you can’t really run like you want to - and end up aggravated.

Sorry for derailing this thread. Perhaps we can create a running thread on here if there is interest.


Ive been here since April i think. I had the app since February but i had only used it for my days count and then one day i accidentslly hit the talkong sober button and found these people.


I miss @Ray_M_C_Laren wise words as well. Hope he is doing well.