You are missed


I just messaged him, he’s good, says hi to all. Been busy with life and said he’ll try to check in soon.


Great news, thanks for reaching out and sharing.


You described that very well @Chad_R! :smile:
You guys are my sober family!
I always check in to see how you all are, even if I don’t always comment :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


As a Veteran of the US Armed Forces, I took no umbrage with your choice of words.

One day, You and I will be “veterans” to a bunch of new members, (Lord willing and the river don’t rise).

I don’t ever want to have to post in this forum that I miss @Benedictine!:grinning:


Aw, thanks! :blush:


@MrsJones hope you are good if you get this. Has the baby arrived? Sending you love and best wishes x


@anon12146513 AKA @Oliverjava
Never forgotten. Always missed! :purple_heart:


Yes, very much miss @Oliverjava.


Ah @MrsJones was a wonderful woman! If the baby hasnt come yet it should be very soon.


I emailed her just the other day. She is doing well and misses us.


Aww thanks man! I am doing much better thank you! I’ve just been so busy organizing my life that I forgot about this app.

10 Days clean and Continuing hardcore :upside_down_face: Wbu how you been man??


Great to hear you’re keeping a peace of mind! I am attempting to do the same actually, had my ups and downs but I’m alive and still at it.

Day 3 going to 4


^.^ Bro good job! The only reason I have made it this far is that I’ve just been so busy with work and life man. (Just moved out and the real world is making me fully aware how much of a pup I really am)

But after a long day of work today I finally finished everything I had to do and I’m alone right now in my room not yet ready for sleep. I can feel the urge already coming. I just meditated right now and it helped me massively. But I can’t help smiling. I’m wayy too strong for it!

Way too strong :sunglasses:


@ThePurpleKing I’ve actually begun to meditate again and will definitely do so tomorrow morning, hopefully if i can get some sleep!


@BrookieB I haven’t seen ya around much. Hope all is well. We miss your sunshine around here:)


@Tiny1 Are you still hanging in there?


Messaged @BrookieB. She is struggling.


I am sorry to hear that. I hope she can get to a better place.


@alpine_1975 hoping to see u around once again


Agreed. I often come and search him out because I love his thoughts. :two_hearts: