You are missed


@LeilaBird thanks for checking in on me yes I’m pushing through I’m 241 days sober I’ve been so busy with work and trying to complete my probation early I haven’t had time to check in I’m sorry everyone I’ll take some time out to get back in the loop I know I’ve missed a lot


Yaaay, great to see you still going strong. Great work.


Closing in on 9 months. That’s awesome!

Please do drop in and inspire us from time to time!


I will I missed you guys too I got so focused I just had tunnel vision


Focus is good. Life is a lot of work and we are not avoiding it. We are dealing with it :smiley:


Where has @Daithi gone?? Anyone know :thinking:


New name. @NewPerspective now:)


Hello how are u all been doing ?


I remember you! And I’m back, back on day 16, for good this time, no hoping, no saying maybe, it’s all or nothing, I can’t afford to go back, both monitarily and physically, I’m drained. Keep going!


Ahhhh… just like to see the familiar names still doing good. As everyone else also😁… thanks @Gabe.G.


Thanks for thinking of me, just wanted to change my username. Still going strong, off to my group meeting tonight.


Back brother. On the bright once again. I slipped and I’m at day 2.


That’s what I’m talking about!! I’m glad you’re back bro:)


@Miki33 It’s been a long time. How are you doing?


:thinking:@MelB @Melrm @louwho …?


whatsup @TheSundanceKid?


@Swam how are you


Was just thinkin i had not seen her in a while … how are you makin out? @Ryan_Clack


Hey there. All good here. 1 year, 1 month, 1 week sober today


Holy crap!! It’s so nice to hear from you!! Your killing it and that is awesome!