You are missed


:birthday::birthday::birthday::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada: thats amazing! We miss you, im glad you are doing so well


I’ve noticed @TheSundanceKid missing too, hope he’s ok


@Naturehippy :frowning: its been a LONG time as well.


I’m sober. I have an awesome job. I’m close to my family. I have made new friends after cutting ties with toxic people. Life couldn’t be better. Sobriety is soooo worth it. I wouldn’t have accomplished good things yet alone kept it if it wasn’t for getting sober.


@Elisabeth thinking of you


Very inspiring, and so happy you checked in!


He was around a couple days ago…I saw that he liked a post.


Oh good! Glad to hear, thanks


Hey! So good to see you back here and with over 400 days of sobriety! So sorry to hear about Sam L.
You were a massive part of the community and are missed - are you back for a while or just popping your head around the door?


Yeah she is back :v:️:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


I miss her too. She seems to have disappeared from any and all internet activities. I hope this is a good thing but I worry.


I miss her too.She is such a radiant person, and hope everything is going well for her.


Same here!


She has been lurking on occasion, just not posting anything. We have PM eachother in the past. I’ll check in to see how she’s doing.


Hate these miss you posts! Nobody ever remembers me


As we get to know you (posting often) you’ll find people will follow you. Some of the people talked about last night were around when I first started and very active.


@Melrm. So great to see you pop in. And so glad you are doing great! We do miss you around here. But keep at it!


I hear ya.


Its all good. I’ve been on this site for a year but im still a nothing cause i dont do small talk


It shows your join date the same as my daughter’s birthday practically. September 23 17. We can only get to know people by interaction. I have made some good friends through this board.