You are missed


@VSue I would miss you if you disappeared. But don’t make me miss you.


Gonna check out Wegmans. Bet they have it. It’s a magical place.


Never even heard of this place…


Because you have yet to achieve the that level. It is Valhalla for foodies.


@Swam is missed.


@Shattered_dreams. Where you at pal?? Hope all is well


I’ve not had the best run. But i feel i need to come back. I was tryna do it alone but i couldnt. I caved…AGAIN! I hate myself for it and i wanna keep trying but i feel like this is gna be an endless cycle. Thanks for noticing i was gone.


Thank you for noticing. I’m gna try get back on the horse.


@WhiteDoves hope you are doing well.


@nillafresh @JohnSee @dogboi hope your all doing well!


Im guessing your visit made ya fall off a bit… its better to hop back on the sober train then to continue… good to see ya back … ohhh we notice :wink:


You’re always welcome back, we’ve all struggled but keep trying :blush:


I was so worked up over it i got high before i even left. I think its because I had already decided im not capable and just failed before i gave nyself a chance to try. It stressed me out so much. So much.


Thank you @Serenity412 i felt pretty shit haha


If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right on both counts.


It’s very wise but i struggle to be positive. :confused:


If we want different outcomes we need to try different things…

hugs I know it is so hard to quit your particular DOC. I had to have legal motivation, but not everyone needs that. Hang in there. Maybe it is time for some more aggressive treatment.


Might have something to do with the weed? Have you considered that physical and psychological withdrawals from THC could actually have a real impact on your outlook, motivation, and emotions?

I am not doctor, psychologist, OBGYN, or behaviorist, and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but it stands to reason that the effects of the very thing you are trying to quit, may be what is holding you down.

I’ve heard people say that “weed is not physically addictive”, and these “experts” are those who use it all the time. To me, it’s like an alcohol abuser arguing that alcohol isn’t addictive, because they themselves can go weeks between benders. Yet the evidence is there. When they drink, they drink to excess. Yes, some people drink “moderately”. A lot of people don’t.

Stands to reason that while “some people” can use THC “moderately”, there are others who use it all the time, “to chill”, “to take the edge off”, “to get me through the day”. I made these same arguments with alcohol.

And while I’ve never used cannabis as an adult, and the last time I did, Ronald Reagan was in his first term as US President, I do remember what it was like when I did. It was everyday, several times a day. Before school. During school. After school. Before work. On my meal break. After work. Before bed. I did it to “take the edge off, chill, and get me through the day”. I remember how hard it was to quit.

I quit because I looked at my 17 year-old life, and what options I had for 18, 19, and beyond. I looked 5 years ahead, and didn’t like what I saw. I would graduate High School, keep working the decent job I had, dating the same girls I’d always dated, maybe marry one some day, hanging with the same crowd I’d always hung with, doing the same things we’d always done. I wanted something more than what was immediately in front of me. I wanted to get out of “the old neigborhood”.

In order to “get out” and do something bigger and better, I had to quit smoking weed. It was hard, but I wanted a better life, more than I wanted the high. I had the peer pressure. It was just part of who we were. I had to develop the self-discipline to say “no” to self. I kept my “eye on the prize”.

I got my something more. That one chance to change my trajectory, and it’s made all the difference in my life. I still consider my decision to join the USMC as the best one I’ve ever made, and if I’d chosen to keep smoking weed, that’d never have happened. I did it. You can too.


Good to hear from you. Follow your story as it reminds me of my son’s struggling. Sure you’ll make it. Stay here and stay strong. Everybody is here for you!


Thanks for sharing this @Yoda-Stevie. You know I’m not the all day drinker but used to use alcohol as a self medication most nights to calm down and fall asleep. Ashamed about it still but more confident of staying sober since I’ve found this forum. You guys are all so helpful. Quit smoking cigarettes too and that appears quite easy to me … anyway. Worrying about my son who’s smoking weed most nights when out with friends. Lost his driving license and his job too but still not admitting to quit and not seeking for help. It just doesn’t appears as necessary to him. Makes me sad and wonder how I could help him to really face the problem he has!? I was talking with him about my issues and progress but he doesn’t agree with having a problem himself. :frowning: thanks for listening and have a great sober weekend everybody