You are missed


Oh shit, people remember me. :wink: I’m all kinds of flattered over here.



How could we forget you? Great to see you back. Daithi here, I changed my name. Hope you’re good.


There she is :laughing::laughing::laughing: so great to hear from you! Hope your doing well…and you are pretty unforgettable :wink:


If you don’t “small talk” and then call the members here “randoms”, then… Why are you even complaining noone shouts you out on this thread?


Where the hey is @alpine_1975. :sunglasses:


I’m here love… just been uber busy and dealing with some pretty gnarly PAWS… 19 days sober.


Yay! You will always be my sober buddy/mate. Glad to hear you’re still in it and kicking ass per usual. :kissing_heart:
*deleted that last pic because there was totally a glass of beer in it, what a dummy.


You don’t call, you don’t write, you don’t text :yum:


I don’t even know who this person is, I swear. I think maybe, I have a stalker? Help please.





I’m doing well! I’ll try to drop in and spread my story and provide hope. I’m no where near perfect, but acceptance and god have taken me far.


@lizak hope you are good and overcoming your challenges.


What happened to @Mewilhoward…???


lol oh wow you changed your name? to @ProfessorOak?! i thought you deleted your account i was about to be really sad lol


Every now and then someone will comment on a very old post, and I’ll be reading the comments and think “who are these folks?” Then I realize they were once active members on this forum, and for some reason, fell away. I’m sad, and I never knew them, and I think they might have relapsed and are in deep kimchee right now. Even the sober selfies thread can get me sad, when I see a bunch of names I don’t recognize. Then I think, I’ve only been active here for less than 90 days, and feel so connected to a bunch of folks here…I can’t imagine how bummed I’d be if someone just “fell away”…so don’t do it, or I’ll be like:

Big sad


Yes, that’s the unfortunate part of this disease. That’s why people do shout-outs to others and message them privately. You grow close on here and are missed.


I was just thinking this same thing earlier. I was reading the birthday thread and I had no clue who 95% of those people were. I think @Melrm was the only one I recognized for most of it. I so don’t want that to be us! Everyone must stay clean and present!

BTW, nice new avatar @Melrm! :sunglasses:


Im still here. Mewilhoward was my drunk name i needed to be rid of it. Dont worry I cant delete my account apparently its not allowed haha


I’m so glad you posted this. Now I know not to Miss you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: