You are missed


Was aifryerchef taken already?


Haha your stuck here forever :smile:


I made maple bacon in the airfryer this morning! Chucked in the bacon,turned on the coffee pot, and hopped in the shower. I come out at my whole house smells like greatness. Might be the best way ever to start a day


There have been some pretty awesome folks here. I still miss the sass of @Quitter …hope you are okay.


@justbreathe77 Hope your doing well!


@Soberwarrior8027. Hope all is well:)


Hey I was just wondering about @Soberwarrior8027 myself! I just got on here to post to her and you already did… :grinning:missing her too!


I haven’t seen @Leaf in a while. You are missed. Hope you are well Pal!


@Dan_alexander is missing too, looks like his account is gone too :frowning: he’s good people!


I hope that Rikk is in a good spot, and Oliver J too


What happened to @HaHaHarley? Hope she’s just really busy with the new job.


I hit her up the other day to share my success with using her dirty words in the US. She says she is good.


Hey @Cobaltchris…I can tell you that Angie is doing great. She wishes she could tell you herself.


Ok thankz hope for good health


That is great to hear. Tell her I said hello and think of her often.


How ya holdin up @Heddy??


Hi Gabe, thanks for checking in. I’m hanging in there at Day 122.98. Four months snuck up on me when I wasn’t even looking…or counting. It used to be hard to watch other people drinking, but now it doesn’t so much register. I did a poetry slam in front of an audience and was so nervous. Did it sober. I’ve conquered so many situations that, before, would have required a drink. My mom is end stage Alzheimer’s and I’m grieving with a clear head.

I head to Europe this week. Am I confident I won’t drink? No. It will really be one day at a time. But I’ve already travelled so far and ventured into unfamiliar territory that has stopped feeling daunting. No matter what happens, what I choose, I’ve grown.


What a great word. Conquered indeed!! What a win. Public speaking is a huge fear for most people. It would have been pretty easy To “rationalize” a drink to “take the edge off” or “calm the nerves” But no, you Conquered!!

Ha, what would you say if 123 days ago someone you would be doing a poetry jam bone sober??

Thanks for the share pal. 4 months is a long friggin time!! Congratulations:)


With permission, I wanted to let all you who know naturehippy, that I spoke with her and she is still sober and doing well after some obstacles. Hoping she comes back on here soon. I’m sure she’d love to hear from some of you :):slight_smile:


Great news @Bill_Phillips - she was such a huge part of the forum and hopefully will be again.