You are missed


Great news @Bill_Phillips - she was such a huge part of the forum and hopefully will be again.


@LifeUnfolds, how is the new restaurant doing?
More importantly: how are you?


Thank you for not forgetting or giving up on me


Lovely news !! She is missed .tell her the Norwegian said hi


You can tell her yourself :slight_smile: Search for the thread “force of nature”


I will thank you :slight_smile:


Vær sa god


Very very good : Veldig veldig bra :grin::grin::grin::+1:


I’m half Norwegian. My grandmother spoke it fluently and I dated a girl named Siv Leithe who was an exchange student during college. I’m much better at speaking it than writing it. Not fluent by any means, but I 'm pretty confident I could walk around Norway and get by. I’ve been to every European country, but all of Scandinavia is next on my list after Iceland :slight_smile:


Im suprised wow half Norwegian :slight_smile: yeah i heard its easier to speak it than writing it when not used to it . Im sure you would be perfectly good travelling Norway. Bodysigns would do it too lol . Our schools does teach English so we not that bad either i guess .


I was around my grandmother a lot, so picked it up just by default. I remember trying to write a love letter to that girl in Norwegian. It was pretty funny how she translated it …lol. But she thought it was cute, so it worked anyways :wink: :wink:


Thats cool :slight_smile: and as long as it worked lol win win


I am walking on sunshine these days. Life is better and better everyday! I am on to a new project and super excited about it.

Just hit 240 days and feel like this might actually stick!

Went to a great meeting tonight and can’t even express in words the gratitude I feel towards being sober!


Congrats on 240 day that is Great work Gratitute is superb , happy for you :muscle::muscle::muscle:


It’s so good to hear this! Glad you are doing well. :slightly_smiling_face:


@AndyC555 hope you’re doing well and still piling up the miles running.


Thanks. Not doing too bad. Slight relapse recently but seeing it as a long journey not a one round fight.

Your message has helped. :slight_smile: much appreciated.


Pick yourself up and get back on the track mate. Hope nothing too crazy happened.


hey @TheSundanceKid haven’t seen you around in a minute. Just wanted you to know you are missed. Hope you are thriving and all is well!


He checked in here earlier. I wish there was a way to fist bump people when you see them on withought making them talk if they don’t want to. Like when I notice @Rex’s avi up there.