You are missed


Hey @Purveyorofdoom0406 how have you been? Haven’t seen you for a couple months!


Does anyone hear from @alpine_1975 anymore?


No, but I am glad to see you, Sue.


Not recently, but I was just going to check in on you. :lollipop:


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Where are you @keoH, doing ok?


@Sophiesrecovery we miss you and your cheery demeanor


Good to hear from you @alpine_1975 - winning the battles help win the war.


Seconded @Sophiesrecovery! We miss you!


Lol. I’m back


For a day? Or longer?


Longer. Lol.
I had to excersise some demons two weeks ago that left me isolating myself.


Don’t make me come out to the land of 10,000 lakes.


If you do, will you be biking it :rofl::rofl:


Or hitchiking. I start my new job Monday so I will have to build up some vacation time


A new new job?


Yeah, no more moving furniture and picking up trash for this guy. I will be working in the public health field.


Dude!!! That’s fuckin awesome man!!! :muscle:
I’m ecstatic for you!!


@Mare, @Nullcorp, @HaHaHarley, @Spartan_Chris

Miss you guys and gals.


Hi !! Just got back from a cruise with the family … I’m so happy to be home!
Can’t wait to share how everything was. I reset the counter today and just breath , I wasn’t ready at all to be around so much alcohol and bars and everything else. … but at least it made me realize how much I need to work on my sobriety and I’m wasn’t a whole week of barely remember what happened and endless hangover.
I drank , las day I couldn’t handle the pressure and ended up feeling super bad … and here I am ready to start over alive and more conviced I need all the help I can get.