You are missed


Welcome home. Glad to know you are OK. Get your land-legs back, and get back on the path.


So busy with life… But still sober :heart:


I don’t think I’ve seen @kater around in a while - I hope she is well and strong!


THIS…is very good to hear. Thanks for popping in. Hope you stay for a bit.


It actually looks like that id (Kater) no longer exists. Maybe she changed it or decided social media wasn’t her thing for now…


I mostly just check in to see how long Iv been sober… Six months sober in just over a week :heart: I hope you’re keepin well my dear :v:


I am well. Passed 6 months myself a few weeks back. Keep getting after it!


Congrats! Keep in touch!!


Hope my fellow metalhead @staytech is still bangin.


Thanks for checking it. I know I’ve missed your wisdom…but I hear ya!


@Joy_Fullmer doing ok?


I miss @StevieTee…who is this yoda steve character?? :wink:


He’s the sweaty dude on the mat applying the pretzel to a poor soul.


@Turtle . Are you still with me sober twin? Not seen you around in a while :roll_eyes::turtle::turtle:


I texted her on Instagram, I let you guys know when she answeres :wink:


I am! I recently found out I’m pregnant with my first baby so I’m super excited. In another 70days I’ll be at 1000 and it will be time to stop counting for me as I will be starting my new life as a mumma…


Join us.


Congrats on the good news, its a big event, a new chapter. So much changes and it’s all so rewarding. That sweet little bundle will never have to see you at your worst and that’s something to be grateful for


Hi at @Umpf and @Pleausy you guys around? Come back and say hello… speak soon :grin:


Yeah I am. It’s beautiful I love it here but I’m actually going to new jersey for a week to visit my family! I’m so excited! By the way 108 days sober!!! Happy Monday everyone!!!