You are missed


@TheRealDave you around?


I’m doing okay, still sober, just crazy times. Will take time to post more regularly again, it helps me to focus and more important feel connected. Keep it up everybody!


Hi good to hear from you…I always look out for your ‘check in’… glad all is well with you…I am on my first sober family holiday abroad…all going good for me… speak soon :grin:


Have a great time and hope you enjoyed the football tonight. Tense affair but a win is a win however you get there.


@Edinchel still hoping you’re OK. Check in soon :grinning:


Heeyyyy @Umpf we are looking out for you. Miss you being around and I know I speak for a lot of us.


Hi @JackJoe …how are things in Australia… ?check back in soon mate :grin:


@me_me_me where are you_you_you?


So… my reply is a few months late… but thanks for thinking of me! Your new baby is beautiful! My new little guy (and some complications we both had) has been keeping me so busy, I can’t believe he’s already four months old! But big sister is loving it- it seems your daughter is a great big sis as well!


Thanks for thinking of me!! Things are going pretty well, I’ve been SO busy. I never would have been able to manage everything w a cocktail in my hand! 445 days!

I hope you’re doing well! I’m realizing how much I missed all of you!


You’re so sweet! How are you??


Omg! It is so good to hear from you…it has been since October! I’m so glad that you are doing well and the baby is beautiful! You totally just made my night by checking in :laughing::laughing:


Yikes! Don’t say how long it’s been out loud!! Lol

I can’t believe it myself. I’ve sold a house, bought a house, started renovations, got a promotion, developed pregnancy complications, had a baby w some complications and have been managing a five year old that’s going on 25… it’s been a whirlwind few months!!

Good thing I’m sober for all of this!


Sounds like you are handling life with great aplomb! Congratulations on all your changes!


Hi Stevie T.! I am here sometimes when I need a little help from my sober friends. 8 more days and I’m 6 months sober, thanks to you and all the support I receive here!:slight_smile:Just going through a reflection phase and not too inclined to comment on things!


@MewilHoward - What do you sew?? I’ve been sewing since I was 12 (I’m 53). I made my wedding dress (1999). Designed it myself… FF many years I stopped cuz I didn’t have a space/time to do it, and my machine is pretty much cheap, and dead at the moment. UNTIL… I literally just got a new one - my first computerized machine - and I LOVE it! I haven’t been making anything truly exciting, but I’m suddenly in love with linen, so I’ve made an entire set of towels, and pillow cases for myself and my kid and I love them. I’m about to make a shower curtain. Next on my list though is a pair of pajama pants (for my son), and kaftan-like beach cover up for myself. I seriously hardly know anyone who sews, so I love hearing about other people’s projects (especially if it’s a guy who sews!)!

(Sorry if this is off-topic in this thread - I literally just did a search for sewing and filtered for a thread that wasn’t ridiculously old… And your comment was less than 30 days ago - I totally didn’t notice when the thread started, :stuck_out_tongue: )


I sew different items for the company i work for that shield radiofrequency. Mainly bedding, cell phone pouches, and tents. Ive made some shirts and skirts also. My goal once work slows down is to look into making gigantic stuffed animals.


@SweetTea please drop by and give us some sugar.


I really want to get into sewing! My mom bought me a computerized sewing machine 2 Christmases ago at my request, and it’s still not been set up :pensive: honestly I have a bit of shame about it because my mom asks occasionally how it is going or if I have started and the answers been I haven’t started still. I can’t get over the initial set up. I have even bought fabric I love and fabric to experiment on and I can’t get past the initial set up of the needles, bobbin, and stuff. I really would like to dive in, now that I’m not stoned all of the time. Any advice on how I may be able to get over this initial hump?


Its intimidating at first but its so simple. You just have to go for it. Once you start youll be kicking yourself for not goin at it sooner.