You are missed


Youtube has videos thst show how to set up basically any machine. Im gonna ask you next week if you started yet!


Thank you, please do! I will check out YouTube tomorrow and see what I can do :slight_smile:


Your own machine might even have videos on YouTube (mine does). Also really sit down and read your manual. Sometimes I find that the illustrations in the manual are easier to follow. What is your machine (make and model)?


Hi Rob, Thx for remembering me! I’m 91 days sober. Obviously you are still soldiering on. Well done. Great work!
I opened the app as I’ve been feeling a bit triggered the last few days. I want to refresh the reasons I stopped drinking.
I think I need to re-engage with this app and the online community.
Much appreciate your message. Cheers!


I have a Brother CS6000i. Turns out there is a youtube channel with 42 videos for this machine! Thanks for the advice. I will read the manual first then start on some of these videos this weekend. Thank you both! @MewilHoward!


Hi @JackJoe good to hear from you! Glad you are going strong on 91 days… keep it going mate it’s so worth it…on my holiday in Lanzarote all inclusive so lots of temptation and small triggers but so not worth it… just watched the England game… hope you are giving the mother land a cheer :grin: keep checking in mate…I come on every day…it helps me enormously… speak soon…


@Elisabeth @Melrm
I am so f*%# proud of my first birthday!
Thinking about you, hope you are oke :kissing_heart:


Good luck and have fun! I’m currently making a linen shower curtain :grin: (PS. Nice machine! Don’t let it sit around any longer! )


@Dreamy you’ve been quite for a while, where are you?


Hello again Rob. Lanzarote, wow! Looks a great place for a holiday. We have been touring for 8 weeks now. Going up the Western Australian coast at present. I have grown accustomed to sobriety in this holiday atmosphere, but I sometimes I find myself thinking, wouldn’t it be nice just to have a couple of drinks watching the sunset etc. or drop into a bar to meet some locals.
As we know, a leopard doesn’t change his spots! One drink is not enough, two is too many, and three is not half enough!
I don’t follow the soccer but congratulations on your win against Sweden.
All the best. Have a pleasant Sunday.


Exact same thoughts here on holiday… but nothing too bad…in fact me and the wife went for a meal last night… she was drinking wine…I had a smell of it and did not like it…wow!..a bit of a daft thing to do but even if I had liked the smell I know what would happen if I succumbed… not one glass but many more and then back on the vodka… everyday I take a small amount of time to remember what it did to me and what it would take from me…I am so grateful for my sober life :grin:


@DreamY how are you doing? Long time no see


@Caborey801 drop in and tell how you’ve been brother


Thanks! This really is the happiest I’ve ever been!


@fokusnik how are you?


@ScottMichigan you around?


@Melrm you are missed. Hope all is well!


He was on a few hours ago.


Where’s the lady with the lovely lashes, @Storm? She got her sober tat and then disappeared. No such thing as a “quiet storm”. Please come back and make some noise!


Hey @Pip_Holt_Roe it has been a while…hope all is well.