You are missed


@JediDonn hope you didnt fall off again… Its been a while…


@CaptAZ I’m here just drinking my Red Bull’s enjoying life to the fullest!!!


Hi @JackJoe how is it going? You still touring around? Hopefully speak soon mate :grin:


Hi friend!!! How are you??


@Purveyorofdoom0406 hey! Still haven’t heard from you!


@louwho I think @DrunkNoMore posted the other day that they are moving on from TS. :confused:


He did. I’m sad


Awwww man, I didn’t get to say goodbye:( … that’s okay tho I’m glad he’s doing good and moving forward in his life! Thanks for updating me :green_heart::blush:


@DreamY. How’s my Indian brother holding up??


I don’t care if it’s only been 4 days. @DrunkNoMore should come home


Has anyone heard from @Dreamy lately? Haven’t heard anything for the last two months at least, a bit worried he’s dropped off the radar, get in touch @Dreamy this community misses you


Guys. Dreamy was PM-ing women and making them uncomfortable. He is not with us for a reason.


Oh ok, didn’t know that, I never had that problem with him, shame really that he behaved that way


That’s so sad! Him being a sex addict and not being able to control himself in a sober community. Makes me think what I could have potentially done, since its progressive.


Hey donnie. I havent checked on this In awhile. Been busy reprogramming myself. So far, it’s going. Sobriety is a.major challenge and hardship, but I’m standing strong. Thanks bro for checking on me


@AiJ Thinking of you, hope you’re doing ok!


I am doing great. Good to hear from you.


OK. I am back.


That makes me happy.


I’ll second this. Hope you’re Soda Streaming well, @AiJ !