You are missed


That’s cool.


I hope he bags a biggun


He’s doing well though


If your sober, in the woods by choice, it’s a good thing mostly.


Thanks for thinking of me. Haven’t been on here in a while. Been dealing with some hardcore paws the past month for some reason. Just beyond zero energy. Zapped me outta no where. I don’t get it. Had carpal tunnel surgery a couple weeks ago too on both hands… that didn’t help with this weird depression I’m in right now. But hey I’m alive and still sober. Thanks for checking in. I hope it gets better considering I’m almost 8 months sober. Seems so late in the game to feel like this!


I’m here I’m here!


Woohoo!! Missed you!!!


Don’t discount the time of year, lack of sunshine, and being indoors and their affects on mood and physical energy. Winter can put the zap on anyone, especially me. Before I would drink more in winter. Now I must resist the temptation to want to eat a bunch of junk and sleep all the time.

I combat this by waking early, exercise, diet, taking some vitamins, especially D, and ensuring I get some sun when it’s shinning.

Glad you are still here, and sober-strong.


@Anarchy and @beyondmythoughts. Hope you are both doing well and still riding the sober train! Check in and say hello. Lots of people miss you here!


@Just4Today bring your awesomeness back around.


Can’t remember if I mentioned you before but no doubt others have - @Mobius where are you at these days?


Hey man! Thought I’d check in with ya. Day 776 in the books! Hope all is well with ya…


Wow, that was super fast lol! My math is shit, but that’s over two years right?


Yea! By the grace of God! I didnt know you just sent it, I just so happened to check in, had some time on my hands lol.


Hahahahaha. That’s some more God stuff there. Congrats on your two years!


Thanks! Appreciate that!


You the man Steve! Thanks for checking on me Brother.
I’m all good over here. Life is just crazy busy right now.
I have missed my TS crew. Ill be around more to play with my pals:)


That’s awesome!!


Just got a wonderful note from Angie aka @oliverjava, aka anon…

She is doing well and sends her best to all. I sure do wish she could be back with us to spread her light and love. Maybe someday @Robin?


She’s awesome. I wasn’t here when she was but I have had a chance to get to know her.