You are missed


Yes she is missed.Hope she is ok and still fighting


What happened and where did she go? Just being nosey :joy:


Angie was smart, extremely helpful and informative. And very no-nonsense when something cropped up she didn’t agree with!
I liked her - hope she’s doing well.


She is doing quite well.


We can hope. She was very helpful to many of us. I’m glad she still is in contact with some.


She is! Coming up on 3 years!


Amazed :heart: that is so huge :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: really proud she managing it. Tell her my best regards. Inspirering it for sure is .


I was thinking about her the other day as she was the first person I spoke to on here in the beginning. Jeez how this forum has grown since then!!. Great to hear she’s doing great and reaching that 3 year mark :grin:


Hmmm @Troy818 another I haven’t seen since coming back on this year… has anyone heard from him?


Another shout out to @Longhorn. Come back to us girl!


I am needing a new update from @naturehippy77

I see you are reading but I’d like to hear how you are doing. :sparkling_heart:


@Bob123 winners don’t quit you said! Please come back!


Yes! I read all she recommended. And she was so nice! Love to hear an update now and then :heart:


@MikeSeekingHope, haven’t heard much from you lately.

@Storm, haven’t seen your positivity around either. Hoping you’re doing ok.


Same here!


I would also love to hear from @alpine_1975

I keep hoping that one day Ryan will come back to us. I really did learn a lot from him. Relapses and all.


@MrCade where you at man? Been thinking about you.


I’ve been thinking about @MrCade lately too. Hope you are well my friend.


Hi guys! @Dasindog @aircircle

Thanks for reaching out.
I’m doing great.
108 days sober. Grateful for everyday.
No news yet on my case. So far, no charges have been filed. Eventually I’ll have to pay the piper, but in the meantime I’m just working as much as possible, helping my wife with her business and building out the new truck.

How’s everything here?
You guys doing alright.

P. S.
Hi @Lionfish how you’re doing great too.


Been wondering where you’re at :hugs: happy to see you are still sober and I guess no news is good news?

I’m doing good, thanks @MrCade