4 days in what are the next steps

I just disconnected all my social media and disconnected from friends to focus on myself. I downloaded this app in hopes to find help and a network to guide me. I need peace and want to become sober for good, I’m scared because of the loss of friendships, family, and the future.


Welcome Tana.
This is a great sober community for whatever your addicted to. Booze for me.
I’ve stay very active on here and it has kept me sober. Have a good read around. Keep an open mind and learn from others how they have done it and the mistakes we all make. It’s hard work. But so worth it.

Here are two good threads to start.

Join in when you’re comfortable.
Hope to see you around.


Oh. And On Day At A Time. ODAAT.
Works for me and quite a few others.


Wecome Tana,glad you’re here. I am pretty active here for the past 8 months. I think of TS as one of the spokes on my wheel of sobriety. I have found this community to be loving and supportive with all. Honestly it is so much more than what I thought it would be. Sorry to cross talk but @Dazercat is absolutely correct. Take a good look around there’s a lot here. A lot of members too,I believe over 10k. Do you have other supports like AA or NA? My journey has taken me to some incredibly supportive communities! Look forward to seeing you around. All the best.


Alcohol for me as well. Thanks for welcoming me.
I have had an issue of over indulging for about 15 years now, my 20’s were way too wild. Now in my 30’s…I’m successful in my career, own a home on my Own, but sometimes when I do out out I take it too far. Most of the time I don’t leave my
Home because I do not want to be districtive. I drink occasionally, but have no control. I struggle with relationships with dating. Alcohol used to be my escape and now trying to have a completely sober relationship I feel like I must be giving off some energy that pushed people away. I’m so confused, on the outside I have it all. Inside I’m empty. Alcohol brings out the person I hate so I have to find a way to remove myself it’s just so hard with all my family drinking and my
Friends, at a loss. Praying I gain strength to just say no

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Thank you. Nice to meet you.

I have been to aa and na before, it’s scary to walk in alone for sure, believe me it’s been on my mind.

I hope this helps and even speaking to a few of you has already made me feel better.

Looking at everyone’s perfect lives on social media is so toxic for what I’m
Going through.

I had to detach


I been on here for a little over 3 years. Started a topic just like you did. Then I started actively working a gratitude list everyday right here. And I mean every day.

It’s such a powerful tool.
It’s retrained my brain. I look at things differently now.

I also was blessed to learn a lot about addiction from my 2 recovering grown up children. I got lots of tools. Here’s one more for ya.

I found something that works for me. And I keep an open mind to all other types of recovery options. Being active here is my main tool.


Appreciate all these tips. I definitely will be doing this. I need all the help I can get.

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I am sfg you did! Social media brings to mind the fall of the Roman empire. I feel it has really effed up our culture. I sometimes wonder if future generations will have no mouths for speaking and special fingers adaptable to the phone keyboard. Thanks for checking back in Tana. And not to be too AAish but keep coming back.


Hey there! Your story/situation was very similar to mine. Career, house, etc. that all started to fall apart towards the end of my drinking days.

I don’t have much to add except to maybe focus on finding some local sober friends/supports as soon as possible. I can’t stay sober without community. TS is fantastic. I’ve been ACTIVE here for most of the six years since I joined. Key word being active.

So glad you are here.


Just practice doing the next right thing

I’m new here too, but definitely had to stop social media as well. Even Pinterest, which I would look at many times a day, just seemed too “perfect” for what I’m going through right now. It’s so easy to take some pictures and make your life out to appear so flawless.

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Thank you, having people to relate to means a lot. Thanks so much!

Everyday sober day counts.:pray:t3: happy to be here with you all

Everything on social media is very fake. Very rarely do you see someone cry or take a pic without a filter or have a complete breakdown. So honestly I would rather be around people who are vulnerable and real. Rather than ones who want to put on a show.


Welcome! I did basically those things as well. This place saved my life. What I found…I didnt lose any friendships. Those that were truly friends never left me, those that left me were never truly friends

Your mentioning gratitude struck me. When i was in treatment…we would begin each day with writing out 3 things we were grateful for. It helps us fight self pity i believe. I fight depression and alcohol…this has reminded me to find things that im grateful for.