Action for Happiness - Meaningful May

Continuing the discussion from Action for Happiness - Active April:

Action for Happiness has a calendar with something to do each day to work on happiness. May is all about meaning and being part of something bigger.

“People who have meaning and purpose in their lives are happier, feel more in control and get more out of what they do… But where do we find ‘meaning and purpose’? It might be our religious faith, being a parent or doing a job that makes a difference. The answers vary for each of us but they all involve being connected to something bigger than ourselves.”

I’ve done a couple of the A4H calendars and have found them good, and logging them on here has helped me stick to them. Join me every day or dip in whenever!



Do something meaningful for someone you really care about.

This will probably be my partner, he deserves it too as I am not very easy to be around at the moment. Need to think about what that will be as I’m not sure how much we will see each other today.


I spent time listening to my husband and helping out with a problem (not sure how much that counts as particularly meaningful as it’s what you’d do anyway - but I’m a little sleep deprived.

@Bootz (whistles) we’re over here now! :wave:t2:


I’d like to try this…but the trick is…what is meaningful?? How can I know that what I did was meaningful to that person? I suppose I could flat out ask “what can I do for you today”, but I’d like to try and do something that they don’t expect too.

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I think that counts as meaningful. Just because we should listen doesn’t mean we always do :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and I notice a difference when I really consciously listen to someone.

@VSue personally I would say if you’re thinking about what would be meaningful to the person you have in mind, that’s the main thing (?). So what I ended up doing, we had a long day today and my bf usually cooks dinner. On the way home I asked if he’d like to get a curry as it’s his favourite and it gives him a break. He didn’t thank me or anything but I know it is something that helps him out and he enjoys it, so I’m taking that to be meaningful!


I was thinking about doing the kitchen clean up tonight…no complaints. Usually I do it but that is because I had expected him to do it and he didn’t so I start doing it with a little extra “noise”. LOL Maybe tonight I’ll just do it without any discussion.

In some ways I don’t know if it would be “meaningful” to him. It would to me!! But then I’m thinking the just doing it without discussion and without bickering might be the part that is meaningful. So yep. Gonna do that. LOL


Sounds good to me @VSue, it would be meaningful to me if someone did that for me!!

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Share photos of 3 things you find meaningful or memorable today.

I love things like this. It’s so easy to get swept away in to do lists etc. It’s good to be here now and actually look for the good stuff that might be going on around you.


Like this tread, want to join in :star_struck:
Just bookmarked it.


My meaningful things…

Not the best picture as there was lots of wriggling, but every morning I get fluffy cuddles from my Lady good dog :heart_eyes:

I had an issue with a late delivery a while ago which ended up with me getting the same order delivered twice (despite paying once). Got in touch and they said I could keep it. Thought that was nice.

Had a lovely chat with a colleague at lunch today. She is so kind and always says really nice things to me. She gave me this plant as a gift on my last day as a trustee to remind me that although it was hard I have lots to be proud of. It also reminds me that I’m lucky to have her to support me.



Take interest in people who are older, younger or different from you.

My Mum and Nan are staying this weekend so that covers the older bit. Will see who else I can come across.


I’m looking after my grandchildren tonight and I am in regular touch with my mother. I will make sure that my interactions with them are more meaningful, careful and considered.


I didn’t end up seeing anyone else, apart from my bf. But had a good chat with my Nan and found out a bit more about her. I really admire her, she’s 88 and her husband died 12 years ago. She’s super independent and still in pretty good shape. I’m so grateful that she’s around and that I’m able to spend time with her.



Get outside. Look at the sky and feel connected to the natural world.

Got a busy day today with a belly dance event I’m organising this afternoon/evening so it will be good to do this and have a bit of time to just be. Bit of sunshine forecast this morning too, not particularly warm but will find a spot to sit and do some looking up!


Yes it’s bright and still here (for now :smirk:). I hope your belly dancing event goes well - are you performing at it too?

I’ll definitely be spending time outside with my dogs and I’ll make sure I take the time to experience a connection to and with the world around me.


Yep I will be performing on my own and with a troupe. As it’s May 4th I have choreographed a dance for our troupe to a song from star wars :face_with_hand_over_mouth: The event is called a hafla, there will be belly dancers from across the area and we will all perform. It’s in a community centre so people bring their own food and drinks. We do it as a charity thing so after the cost of the hall ticket price goes to the fundraising pot, plus a raffle, cake sale etc. Should be good!

Thought I would get out now while the sun is shining as I don’t expect it will last long here either. Not a cloud in the sky :heart_eyes:


How did the Hafla go @siand and I’m intrigue at the performance to a Star Wars song :star_struck:. I took some time to notice the world around me with my dogs yesterday and truly experienced some connection with the natural world. This often elides us I think when we are wracked with guilt and self loathing while in the grips of our addiction. It divorces you from yourself and the world around you doesn’t it. It’s good to take time to appreciate this change, thank you.

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It was great thank you, we raised over £300 for charity and there was some very good cake (as well as the dancing!). We did a dance to the Cantina Band song, it went really well.

Woke up at 8:30 this morning, it had me all tuckered out!

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Choose one of your life goals and take a step towards it.

Hmmm I don’t have life goals :see_no_evil: I find this kind of thing quite difficult and it can put me in a weird place when I focus on it, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. So I will think on this some more, there are some resources on the A4H website which I will look into at some point

Got a few family things planned today so at least that is meaningful, in the absence of having any firm goals in place!


Maybe one life goal then is to live life as it happens, without goals?