Alcoholic fisherman in recovery

3 months 18 days sobriety today.

I’m a commercial fisherman and it’s the perfect career for a drunk!

Nothing sounds better than a beer when I get off the water. It doesn’t matter if it was a good trip or a bad trip.

My biggest justification is pain. I’m always in pain after a trip. It’s an extremely physical job and I ache. You have to work through pain. Especially if your catching. Adrenaline keeps you going.

My mind tries to tell me if I’m tough enough to crab then I’m tough enough to drink. My fisherman brothers are great drinking buddies. I get offered alcohol almost every time I’m at the dock.

There are four restaurants in my small coastal town. They all have open, well stocked bars and I have tabs at them all so even if I’m broke I can run a tab until payday.

There are 3 stores… well stocked beer…

This town fits the drinking town with a fishing problem joke perfectly!

There are two AA meetings a week here that I can rarely attend because of work. It feels good to walk into a room in this town where there are other people who don’t want to drink anymore. I go when I can.

I don’t go to the restaurants because I’m uncomfortable looking at the stocked bars.

I don’t hang out with my friends because I’m uncomfortable around people drinking.

I have been spending the money I’m saving drinking on a trip to Hawaii. Every paycheck I buy something for that. I’m almost done.

I feel healthier physically and mentally than I have in a long time. That keeps me strong when my brain is trying to justify that drink.

My self confidence is alot better than it was a few months ago.

I’m developing a plan to be able to have a relationship with my kids. In the past I’d make attempts and if I hit an obstacle, I’d drink destructively. And it was a good excuse to numb emotional pain.

I’ve been focusing on steps one two and three. The principles behind them. Honesty, hope and faith.

I sometimes find myself standing at the beer aisle at the store and realize wtf am I doing here. Habit I guess.

I’m grateful to be sober!


thats awesome, jason. you’re kicking ass with sobriety. hawaii sounds brilliant. i’ve only heard good things!


Great share! You are doing amazingly. has tons of online meetings, all hours of the day, if that is helpful. And maybe a subscription to the grapevine?


You’re doing excellent, really Jason! Keep up the great work! You’ve got your priorities right man. And Hawaii is going to kick ass!

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Excellent share Jason!
Well done buddy

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Nice share Jason! Keep killing it. I have 6 days sober now. You are an inspiration. You got THIS! :100::boom:


Thank you. It felt very inspiring to read your story. I always feel like I’m surrounded by a society that’s obsessed alcohol, but I honestly don’t have to deal with half the shiznick you do.


Thanks for sharing. You’re making amazing choices to support your recovery. Wishing you all the best! Fishing is incredibly challenging. I lost my cousin to the ocean, while crab fishing. Lost but not forgotten. Keep up the amazing work.


Awesome! So happy to read this! It’s a solid plan, and I look forward to seeing some inspiring photos from your trip!!

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you’re awesome @JasonFisher.

I’m glad you’re still making good choices for yourself


Thank you for sharing, it was a good one to read. :heart:
Congratulations with your 3 months sober!


3 months 28 days sober today!

I’ve been crabbing for 8 years.

We stacked out our gear yesterday. And for the first time I did not drink to celebrate!

It’s a big deal! I’m feeling really proud of myself! Recovery is more important to me that’s a big change for me.

Beer sounded really good last night! I’m not gonna lie.

I become reckless. Its unpredictable what I’m gonna do, if I have that first beer. I finally surrender to the fact that I am tough enough to crab but alcohol has the power to kick my ass and or kill me.



Nice one Jason. It’s great to see you growing.


Way to go on nearly 4 months!!

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Amazing work Jason, and thanks for your share.

I want to do fishing puns so bad, but I won’t

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This isn’t the time or plaice for it.



That is a huge deal! Congrats Jason!!!

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Feel free. :+1::grin:

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Brilliant. Congratulations on a big win in recovery.

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Great share mate you are doing great keep it up :+1::+1:

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