Any Avid Readers Here? What are you currently reading?

Just finished the house of ashes by Stuart Neville. Almost finished carry on, warrior by Glennon Doyle (I love her but preferred untamed).

Wow. Thank you for sharing this!

Just finished Matthew Perry’s memoir Friends, Lovers and The Big Terrible Thing. Really interesting and insightful. Such pain within he holds. I hope this book helps him find love, peace, and sobriety :heart: Anyone else read it? He opens up about his struggle with alcoholism and addiction.
I actually listened to it on Audible, he reads it himself. Definitely recommend.


Waiting for a copy from my library…might be awhile. Thanks for your preview!

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If anyone is interested in Native American/Indigenous history, traditional knowledge of native plants, and some really interesting ideas about the intersection of science and culture, plus some beautiful story telling and poetry, I HIGHLY recommend this book.


Does somebody know the books of David Wong/Jason Pargin?

I read the shit out of this book! Loved every single word in it! Can’t wait to see the movie.
Happy reading everyone!