Any Avid Readers Here? What are you currently reading?

Going to have to look for this!

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I am usually always reading 3 books concurrently. It’s a habit I picked up just before the lockdowns. I would have an audiobook going, a physical book and one on my Kindle. It’s messy, but I like how it gets my mind to see the worlds in these books like one would different TV series.

So here are my 3 current reads (and listen?)…each quite different…but all so cool.


You Are Here :white_check_mark:
Clytemnestra :white_check_mark:

You are Here was okay. Quite entertaining and a quick read.
Loved Clytemnestra. If Netflix made that in to a mini-series I’d be all over it, before most likely complaining that it wasn’t true to the story etc etc :face_with_peeking_eye::wink:
I’ve just started Verity by Colleen Hoover, largely to see what all the fuss about this author is about. I don’t get it as yet, but I’m reserving judgment…


A bit less than half through, but so far an interesting novel about women, responsibility, wisdom, life. I enjoy their writing style as well.


I enjoy readong Christian books. I just got a free book off Kobo as a new release [I had credits].

Can’t wait to dive into it.