Checking in daily to maintain focus #17

Hope I did it right :wink:
Let’s check in again!!



Checking in daily is a good idea… i stopped some time ago, and promptly fell off of the wagon.


Day 219! Friday. Just woke up so let’s get the day started.
Have a good friday TS family!


Daily Check in

Did not get time yesterday! Was at a hotel where homeless are being put up due to covid … so enjoyed, loved talking to the resident’s most of them were lovely and some sad heart wrenching stories to hear… some mental goings on as well seems spice is rife here !
Back today for 12 hrs… feel i will get alot back from this… i need to stay strong to help and be genuine in my support to fight their addictions.

@Conor689908 wow massive congratulations on 1 year :100:

@Bomdhil enjoy the retreat so pleased it is helping with cravings

To all have a strong sober Friday

  1. Coffee. Lots to be grateful for and don’t I forget it. grateful to wake up in my own bed, not being woken by a 6 am alarm because it’s my holiday now. Grateful to be sober and clean for another day. Grateful I got a job with pays me enough to do what I want, even though many say it’s underpaid I’m happy with what I have. Happy I have a job where I get 6 weeks of holidays yearly from. happy to wake up with this cat within arm’s reach for early morning snuggles. Grateful I got my physical health and grateful my mental health seems to be improving after 2 weeks of taking sertraline.
    To name just a few things. And not forgetting how grateful I am to this forum and all of you. I would be nowhere without it and you all. have a good day all. Sober and clean. Love from Luna and me.

    @Conor689908 Your official full year is here Conor. So happy for you friend! Good times and bad ones.
    @mleclaire Huge congrats Emilie! Awesome work lady.
    @Clarity You hang in there friend. A tough choice to make but choose you must I feel. We’re with you all the way. Hugs.
    @Hopeful777 Sounds like an awesome job Marie. A pretty tough one though. You make sure to take care of yourself too friend, many people in this line of work tend to forget that.

thank you! And i will… love your positive post and good meds working… i was prescribed sertraline for amxiety but not started course yet as worried about side effects did you settle into them ok?
Luna loves the camera :slightly_smiling_face:


Just finished day 58 of being completely sober. Trying to keep busy so my brain doesn’t obsess over everything. One minute at a time.


Day 7, have gone 72 hours without sleep. It’s 3am and I’m so tired but my mind won’t shut off. I just can’t sleep


Side effects can happen and probably will, it’s different for all of us, but if you don’t try you’ll never find out… First after starting I had some tingling and jittery sensations but that disappeared soon enough. A bit of nausea is slowly getting less each day but no totally gone yet, generally speaking my stomach and gut are a bit upset over it but notinhg too bad and hope it to be gone soon. All in all not too bad. It is trial and error with SSRI’s though. If one gives too much side effects you try another one. Success.


day 246!!! meh day today. gotta a good weekend to look forward too though :)!


this is my Mrs every time she goes to the shop :rofl::rofl::rofl:she’s even got the same beard :thinking:


Good morning all ! It my first time public to the world . I’m so happy :blush: ( but exhausted. No cravings , just totally drained )
Im on day 12 ! I’ve been reading a books and blogs and replacing booze with frozen yoghurt .
Im happy to be heading into the weekend feeling really positive . Its great to meet you all x


Nice to meet you too!
Frozen yogurt: jummy :yum:


I truly admire what you are doing and I’m not just saying that. I used to be homeless, no such treat as a hotel just slept where I fell.
it’s costing me a fortune now bc every homeless person I walk past gets something, money or food. Huge tip to anyone reading this if you want to make a homeless person feel good buy them clean socks, hopefully you’ll never understand how good that feels.


Hey Ness ! I’m going through this too . The brain will calm in a bit . The routine kicks in . I’ve read alot about self soothing; have a relaxing bath , listen to music , eat some frozen yoghurt ( !! :blush:) I’ve eaten ALOT of frozen yoghurt lol )
Im day 12 - sleep is rubbish but I cam cope knowing that I’m sober .


Lol - one addiction for another but I’m not knocking it . This is a great forum- I just found it . Im very tentatively telling some friends but the reactions have mainly been that I don’t have a problem - just have one !
I can’t do moderation . I need a check in like this


People who don’t have an addiction themselves do not understand. Maybe they want too, but they don’t :wink:
I can’t do moderation. I tried! Even after 5 years sober I tried and failed. Lesson learned!
That’s why I’m here, you all understand :pray:
My to go to when I have cravings is chocolat.
I always has a stash in my fridge for occasions like that. It’s better than drinking :+1:


And did you jump back on again ?

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Its so true . Im very early in and I’ve tried and failed many times . I hit rock bottom just over 2 weeks ago , found as much literature as I could and read . Its truly given me a better insight into addiction and my brain ! I’ve read before but this time I got hold of Catherine Gray and Belle Robertson’s books and blogs and its been so helpful. I know its going to be a journey for life but I know wity this extra online support that this is going to make such a difference . On shitty day 7 , I had the devil in me ; was raging and tearful . I sent a couple of emails out , ate some ice cream and had a nap for an hour . Felt so much more positive after that.
You guys are amazing :clap: