Friday night - what's up


Is there someone you trust that could come along with you so you definitely don’t buy any alcohol?

If you’re feeling like you can’t trust yourself, ain’t no shame in the buddy system.


Stay strong…youve been doing good. Keep your thoughts on your goals. Praying for strength for you.:blush:


Makes the biggest difference on the weekends. I’m done with my run, any cooking/cleaning, errands etc that I have to do by 9 or 10, usually.

Then the rest of the day is there to do as I please.

Weekends fly by quick enough. At 10am on a Sunday, it feels great to look at the clock, know that I have already taken care of all my obligations for the day, and can just chiiiiill.


Had a great productive day. Got the paperwork for transtional housing completed. Met a good friend from back in the day for lunch. Kids all settled in with their friday take out and chill plans. Im going to complete Yoga day 2 of 30 day challege…hot bath and finish Becoming book by Michelle Obama. :blush: Good times!


The only family I have within 400 miles is my son, lives 2hrs away and at 12 hrs shifts this weekend.
I kinda moved way out & the few friends I have left, live 1+hrs, kids, yada, yada (Thank you horrid Atlanta traffic)
This is a one-woman+one-dog show but I am trying it alone…starting to struggle.
But dammit, I’m also alone because of this/me.
I wish someone would just smack my head🙄 Snap out of it.


I think your trying to work it out.“smack” yourself out of it by posting on here?


You can do this you know. First time I went into a shop I was really anxious. I stared at the shelves with alcohol on but walked past them.
You just have to get on. You will be surprised how you manage it and it will make you stronger.
Just keep saying no no no as you go around the shop.


I’m willing to try anything. I make lists, alarms, structured schedules. I have a big client (literally) tomorrow and cannot afford to miss.


You got this. Stay strong.


Gotta be extra extra careful from now on. Once frostbit the easier it is to get frostbite. You will be sensitive to the cold for some time, until all of the damaged capillaries have regenerated.


Packing for holiday, leaving tomorrow and found these on a Friday night, made me pause for reflection, the 24 hour chip was the most important one - it was the day I started to get answers regarding my drinking problem and the day I started getting better.



I spent my friday wedding dress shopping. Then my fiancé & I went to see Greta (such a bizarre movie). Im enjoying sober Fridays. And just sober days in general really.


Waaaaaaaaaooooowwww, cool!!! :heart_eyes:


Thanks. It’s amazing to try on these dresses & realize that I can actually afford them since I’m not pissing away all my money on drugs and alcohol. I am so much more excited for my wedding than I was while using.


I didn’t have a wedding with a huge dress, because we can’t afford and wanted low key. But one day, I want a second wedding and going all out!!


I actually got up way earlier than usual today to get a jump on things for a change. Not sold yet, but it… wasn’t bad either.

TFGIF! :partying_face: :sleeping:


Nice! What time, and what did you get did??


Thursday kicked my ass. Was trying to finish the first part of a series of talks,then the world exploded. So went to bed early and got to work by 6:30 for a fresh start. Went over well! So quiet in the morning.

I’m subtly structuring the series as what it used to be like, what happened, and what it’s like now. Great recipe.


Friday night. Laying in bed reading, while Jett keeps an eye out.


Good read! :grin: