Gratitude List. 5 things daily

I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful it’s Sunday, raining and I can stay in bed have a coffee for some time.
I am grateful I have enough food and a roof over my head.
I am grateful I have a job that pays my bills.
I am grateful I have enough.


Been a little while but feeling greatful again so here goes.

I am greatful for being clean of drink and gambling.
I am greatful for family and friends ( and cat beanie) support.
I am greatful for the outdoors where i can enjoy the small things like a sunrise or walk.
I am greatful for my work that allows me to be free to pursue things that help my mental health.
Last of all im greatful for this community for being here anytime of day for help or reassurance.


I am grateful for

  • My twins
  • My Sunday womens meeting
  • That I have enough
  • My cat Cori on my lap
  • My sobriety

I am grateful to be sober. Reading around, reflecting on the past I cannot imagine how I did back then.
I am grateful for the sun today.
I am grateful for some cardio in the gym.
I am glad I found a good Christmas calendar for work.
I am grateful I have enough.


I am grateful that even though I have a heightened level of stress, worry, and anxiety, and that my body is not reacting to these things well, and that my sleep is being effected, that I am able to recognize that I don’t need to turn to poor decisions to cope.

I am grateful that I have the first feeling of gratitude when I lack three more.


Your gratitude list, including candles reminded me I was thinking yesterday that I should get some candles and light them. We lived in a mobile home, and the candles might have been too much for such a small area. I live in a larger house now I think the candles would be nice. Thank you for sharing.


Grateful Monday…

Grateful the workdayday is over now, and my day went smoothly.
Grateful I have a few minutes to myself to wind down, kick back in my car with some tunes and a Starbucks coffee before going home.
Grateful I got brand new tires on my truck at work today. Puts my mind at ease.
Grateful I’ll have an entire weekend off this week!
Grateful for good health.


Today I am grateful

  • that my work day is over
  • that I’m off the rest of the week.
  • that I’m in a sober house with sober family members
  • for my sobriety
  • for the abundance in my life.

Love it new to the forum

Thanks for sharing

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I am grateful for 128 days sober
My cleaning gal does a fabulous job
I have a wonderful caring AA HOME GROUP
My husband’s effort to be patient with all my changes
I have enough


Today I’m grateful
-for the sunny beautiful day at the beach

  • for time with my brother and his partner
  • for the abundance in my life
  • for my sobriety
  • that I straightened out my RX and I can pick it up today.

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  1. A hot shower
  2. Coffee
  3. Sunshine
  4. Another chance
  5. Family and friends

I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful I can see.
I am grateful I can smell.
I am grateful I can taste.
I am grateful I can feel.


I am grateful for your back to being grateful for things that are often taken for granted.

Grateful for sunshine again.

Grateful my sister made it home safe.

Grateful to have seen so many family members this last visit regardless of the circumstances.

Grateful to be in a state where the weight on my shoulders that shame, guilt, deceit, etc are now so much lighter when living in an honest, whole, trustworthy life filled with integrity.


I am Grateful to be sober ( had a day that tested me but I stuck it through)
I am Grateful for my healthy family ( 3 cats, 2 dogs and a husband)
I am Grateful for my Volunteer work at the Food Bank. Feels good to help others
I am Grateful for the few friends who have stood by me.
I am Grateful that I have enough to live this life :purple_heart:


1 grateful to be sober
2 for abundance of food
3 for my inner circle
4 constant evolution
5 the great unknown


Hey greatful peeps

Today im greatful for in no particular order

  1. My health
  2. Support of friends and family
  3. My cats health check went ok
  4. The beautiful yorkshire dales
  5. I have a roof over my head and food in the fridge

Today I am particularly grateful for:
Silly movies
Homemade cake
My husband
A safe and warm bed
Continued life improvements, none of which would be attempted if I weren’t working on sobriety.


For shelter that’s super homely
For literature that lifts my heart
For people who truly love me
For humbleness
For the ability to repivot mentality