Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


Lol no clue, where?


I DON’T KNOW, if I did I wouldn’t have to ask​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I thought this thread was called random thoughts??:rofl::rofl:


Please start one called random thoughts


Haha! I believe hamsters are indigenous to the middle east. Domesticated hamsters originated from a single brother-sister pair of Syrian Hamsters in Jerusalem.


Sooo,your saying that they are holy?!!:thinking::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Lol. Unfortunately theres a lot of bad that’s come out of Jerusalem as well. I’d probably classify hamsters in that group. :rofl:


Just f***in with you


Lol! I hate hamsters…


Jan. 3rd mind blowing random thought of the day: In 1493, Christopher Columbus mistook manatees for mermaids and wrote in his journal, “they are not so beautiful as they are said to be, for their faces had some masculine traits.”


The “horn” of a rhinoceros is actually made of hair!


Well, technically it’s made from Keratin. Which also make up hair and nails. But, same basic elements.


My kid’s got one. It just spins in its wheel all night. Squeak squeak f****ing squeek.



Dang. If this is true, I’m gonna die!



Jan. 4th mind blowing random thought of the day: In 1997, con man Steven Russell successfully escaped from prison by using laxatives to fake the symptoms of the AIDS virus. He then called the prison posing as a doctor asking for potential candidates interested in an experimental treatment and volunteered himself. Once out of Texas, he sent a death certificate to the prison stating that he had died.


Jan. 5th mind blowing random thought of the day: Reindeer knees make a clicking noise when they walk in order to help them stay together when they migrate during a blizzard.


Jan. 6th mind blowing random thought of the day: The graham cracker was inspired during the 1829 to 1851 cholera pandemic in North America and named after Reverend Sylvester Graham, a Presbyterian minister from Connecticut who strongly believed in eating whole wheat flour products in order to resist lustful urges, which he attributed to an unhealthy diet. His followers, known as “Grahamites,” formed one of the first vegetarian movements in the U.S., and graham flour, bread, and crackers were invented and marketed to the public as a result.


Just tried graham cracker frozen yogurt the other day, pretty good actually. I wonder what the Reverend would think lol I didn’t feel any holier.