Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


Bill Gates did something arrogant and juvenile to celebrate something he didn’t actually invent himself?

Hardly “mind blowing”. :smirk:


Windows Phone 7 was pretty half baked, but I really liked Windows Phone 8.1. The Wordflow keyboard (like Swype), Cortana, contact/calendar/music integration, Nokia hardware and cameras, and the lightweightedness of the whole thing were buttery smooth.

Then with 10 they broke everything good about it right down to making the keyboard dumb as a bag of bricks. C’est la vie! :frowning:


Jan. 14th mind blowing random thought of the day: The oldest known existence of malaria causing parasites found in mosquitoes was discovered in the tomb of King Tutankhamen in 1922.


Jan. 15th mind blowing random thought of the day: National Geographic magazine was the first to establish a color photo lab in 1920, the first to publish underwater color photographs in 1927, the first to print an all-color issue in 1962, and the first to print a hologram image in 1984.


Jan. 16th mind blowing random thought of the day: American toy manufacturing company Hasbro coined the term “action figure” in 1964 in order to market their line of G.I. Joe toys towards boys who refused to play with dolls.


Jan. 17th mind blowing random thought of the day: Mercury and Venus are the only 2 planets in the solar system to not have a moon, whereas Jupiter has the most at 67.


How many are in Uranus?


I’ve only got 1 moon for you, Bill!


U shoulda asked him how many his proctologist found last week Rob lol

That got me curious about something and I looked it up…
The first recorded instance of mooning occurred in the 1st century AD when a Roman soldier was said to have lifted his skirt, bared his posterior, and farted in the general direction of some young Jewish men observing passover. They took it as an insult and a riot ensued in which “upwards of 30 thousand” people were killed :flushed:


Dang! That what moonings cause!


Scalpels made from obsidian will actually cut between tissue cells, whereas titanium will cut and tear through them. Undamaged cells on the edge of an inscission will heal much faster.


That makes sense. The question is, how to make obsidian scalpal blades for mass production? Have you ever used a scalpal? Ridiculously sharp.


No, but I’ve used obsidian knives, and they are insanely sharp. The only drawback is they are so brittle.


As the kid who inhaled non-fiction books in solitude and learned this from a few geology books from the library, it put me at odds with my friends who were into fantasy books and games. In the fantasy worlds, obsidian was stronger than other materials, leading to silly situations like the wearing of (superior) obsidian armour. I now find myself explaining to adult friends that obsidian is not actually particularly strong, it just has a history of use as a highly effective blade. When fantastical fictional liberties are taken as fact… sigh


Jan. 18th mind blowing random thought of the day: The flag of Paraguay has a different design on each side.


All the angler fish that you have seen are female. The males are tiny. When they mate, the female absorbed the male into her body, where he lives the rest of bis life. The female will gather several males over her lifetime.



I’ll confirm this with a slight correction. The males do not absorb into the females body, but rather latch on, similar to a leech. They then release enzymes that digest the male’s mouth and female’s skin and they develop connecting blood vessels. The male then lives attached to the female for the rest of the female’s life. Female Anglerfish have been discovered with at most 8 male “appendages” fused with her.


Great fact! Thanks!


Thanks for the correction. :clap: