Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


That’s some Minority Report-level stuff right there. :open_mouth:


You bet it is!


Feb. 10th mind blowing random thought of the day: It is illegal in St. Cloud, Minnesota to eat a hamburger on a Sunday.


I live in Minnesota and it is Sunday
I want to test this hahahah


In Burlington, VT, it’s illegal to remove your clothes in public. It’s okay to be naked in public, just get that way before you leave the house.


Darlene Madison from the movie “Walk Hard” is actually Pam Beezley from “The Office”

I watched The Office at least 5 times and seen Walk Hard I dont know how many times…when I made this connection my brain actually exploded!!!


@Twowaymirror Silas, I’m gonna need an update when you test this out! :rofl:

@SinceIAwoke Dan, I hope you don’t try this out.

@Mitchell_Winsor how are you posting if your brain exploded? Are you undead? :skull:


Haha! Good point.


I’ve seen 3 separate interviews with her, John krasinski, and Emily blunt where people send her condolence letters and send John and Emily hate mail because John is cheating on her or left her for Emily lol, for some reason people cant separate the Jim & pam relationship on the office from real life lol


This is hilarious!!! Send me the link!!! Or maybe I can get it on YouTube. Gotta see this lol.


Been a while since I saw em, one was John on a late show, Kimmel or Falon maybe, I’m sure its prob on YouTube. It was around the time a quiet place came out.


I’ve just been mindfucked by Game of Thrones…

I’ve been rewatching GOT… and I’m wondering why the fuck anyone in King’s Landing cares if a noble lord is having sex with another guy… like so what?
Then I realize it’s thousands of years later from when the show was set & people still fucking care whether a man loves another man or woman loves another woman…
So now I’m feeling disgusted with society…
But then I start thinking about Cersei and Jaime… here I am being disgusted by people who judge gay relations, but I am judging their incest relationship. Now, to me, incest is unnatural and wrong and leads to DNA mutations, abnormalities and deformities… etc… but I start thinking who am I to judge that while criticizing others for judging gay relations… does that make me just as wrong as people who are homophobic?..
I’ve been mind fucked by GOT…


What? I’m out


Feb. 11th mind blowing random thought of the day: Before Arlington became a national cemetery, it was the residential property of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.


Feb. 12th mind blowing random thought of the day: For a healthy human male, the average speed of an ejaculation is 28 mph.

Not sure if I fit that “healthy human male” category anymore. Also, not exactly sure who did the research on this.


Well maybe for the avg male this is tru but not all. I wish i knew what the fastest recorded was? Lol


The mind boggles on how they did the research on this😂


I was thinking they use the same speed tracker they use in Major league baseball…

Talk about a home run lol


Feb. 13th mind blowing random thought of the day: In 1637, people in the Netherlands were so obsessed with tulips that a single bulb would be exchanged for as much as a ton of butter, 1,000 pounds of cheese, or 12 sheep, eventually becoming worth more than 10 times the annual wage of a skilled craftsman.


Someone told me that when i moved back to Vermont. Only in Vermont​:blush::blush::blush: