Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


I read somewhere that the record is 44mph. No idea how they determined that.


That was definitely not me who set that record.


What is “Do Not Touch” in Braille…


At 1st I found this hard to believe but after a little research, that is truly a crazy fact!
Mind Blown🖒


Didnt think I was telling the truth, eh? I dont lie.


Feb. 15th mind blowing random thought of the day: It’s illegal for men to be aroused in public in Indiana.


Feb. 16th mind blowing random thought of the day: The bailiff on the show “Judge Judy” makes $1 million a year.


Well, I guess just imagine how many times you’d find yourself saying “I don’t get paid enough for this shit” working that gig!


I could accept $1M putting up with it!


Feb. 17th mind blowing random thought of the day: The strength of a crocodile’s bite is approx. 3,000 pounds per square inch, which is equal to the force of a sledge hammer.


Feb. 18th mind blowing random thought of the day: While then candidate James K. Polk was running for president in 1844, he campaigned on the promise that he would not run for a second term if elected. He won the election and true to his word, did not run again in 1848. Today, he is considered by historians to have been the most effective single term president in U.S. history as the only one to have successfully fulfilled all of his campaign promises during his time in office.


No. Banging your siblings is quite wrong.


Im going to have to second this one. Incest is absolutely wrong. From every standpoint. Evolutionary speaking, not social construct. The construct is there for a reason.


How about a bonus today! Just found out about this awesome tree.

Hura crepitans , the sandbox tree , also known as possumwood and jabillo , is an evergreen tree of the spurge family native to tropical regions of North and South America, including the Amazon Rainforest. It is recognized by the many dark, pointed, poisonous spines and smooth brown bark. These spines have caused it to be called monkey no-climb .

The fruit is a large capsule with explosive dihiscense (splits along pre-formed lines); seeds can be launched, upon opening, up to 70 metres per second (170 MPH).

It has also been coined the Dynamite Tree.

How awesome is that?


This is totally unsubstantiated, and it’s likely I’m misremembering. I think this tree was used for torture at one time, by tying the victim to it, then torquing the ropes. Or not and I’m just a sicko.


Sounds like something drug lords or a crime syndicate out of Colombia would do to someone who betrays them.

Theres a reddit on worst forms of torture. Just people thinking of sick stuff.


Tried it lol


No ive heard that b4 too, and they extracted the poison and used it with other torture devices too, those trees are badass, i just heard about them not that long ago myself


The thing i saw those on talked about these as well… rainbow eucalyptus


Ooo, thats cool