Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


Feb. 19th mind blowing random thought of the day: Even though Alaska is approx. 70 times larger than Vermont, they both have around the same amount of total road mileage in their states.


Yeah…not a lot of roads in Alaska. Is it Juneau that has no roads in or out of the city? You have to fly or boat in. (I took an Alaskan cruise for my honeymoon…awesome place)


Just ran across this :laughing:


Urghhh… i dont like that one bit


Feb. 20th mind blowing random thought of the day: Earth is currently the only known planet where fire can burn.


Wait…what??? Does’t fire mean that something is burning??? And does fire burn or does something else burn resulting in fire.

My brain is hurting.



Fire burns things


But…spontaneous combustion… :wink:


I love how combustion and rusting are both the same type of chemical reaction (reduction-oxidation), but at very different speeds.


Lol. Wouldnt happen on Mercury!


My mind is officially blown!!



Thats wild… i could understand mars and everything on back cuz its so cold but u would think Mercury and Venus being right in the middle of a colossal ball of fire and us with temps 700-800 degrees hotter than us would be ablaze all the time. Gotta be a lack of combustible materials or oxygen maybe?


I was going to say fire triangle, fuel, oxygen, heat but then thought, no other planet has burnable material I suppose?


One of my old bosses used to have a sign in his cabinet shop that said “Fire Triangle: Idiot, cigarette, sawdust” with a diagram and everything, dude was a memer b4 his time lol


I worked in a magazine binding factory once, I was really surprised when I started that we could smoke at the machines!


Fire requires oxygen to ignite. Even in the most gaseous environments where the whole place ought to just explode into a mini star, it cannot for that same reason.

There’s plenty of heat, in the case of Venus (Ave of 863 degrees F, 462 C), but the atmosphere is 96% Carbon Dioxide, a non-combustable gas.


So in other words not only is carbon the building block of life its the only thing stopping everyones favorite planet from being a shrapnel spattered wastleland long b4 we ever showed up… carbon ftw!


Oh man, a building full of glue fumes and a buttload of paper and ink… yeah that sounds like the perfect place to light up :laughing:


Yeah. Ironically our shift supervisor used to let us smoke joints as well.


Japanese women used to walk many steps to your one