Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


Mehhh… They kinda do… But they lovvvvve holding u in pretrial for some reason. I know when i went to jail my first night i slept on the floor because there were already 2 on the bunk beds. It sucks sleeping 2 feet infront of a fuckin toilet that smells horrible. But anyway …Usually u ge released into a state funded drug or dui program. U keep fukin up while in the program then just like school your punished. Some ways it works but it could be better.


Well definitely had different situations. 14 months in prison. Not county cake walk jail. 14 months in prison with mother fucking murders. I learned how to survive for 14 months, I never got a moments rest in there and walked out of there 14 months later the only thing changed was the date on the calendar cuz I sure as hell didn’t get a chance to reflect on my drug problem and that’s why I’m 11 months out getting ready to enter a treatment facility before things turn into a 10 year sentence next. Bc on top of the 14 months I served, I picked up a X.


Here its worse in pretrial then the compound because your limited access to visiters,commissary, phone calls unlike the compound. We seriously have people in pretrial eating toothpase sandwiches…lol take that to ur vegan gut! :rofl: Thats all delaware has is prisons no county jail lock ups. My ex was in salem county (NJ) jail for 2 months and it sounded like a walk in the park…popcorn n movie night…wtf is that!


Lol no I know exactly what your talking about and I didn’t know what shitty was till I got transported to prison from county. The reception in California prison is 23.5 hrs a day lock down, single cell with no access to phones and showers twice a week. And unfortunately I got placed in there for 6 months of my stay in lovely CDCR and man, that seriously almost broke me. Had one suicidal breakdown while that time was going on and just really fell into a giant hole of depression


Lol … It does break u down mentally when ur shut down like that we had 22hr lock down and 2 hour recreational time a day. One hour in the morning and afternoon. U can only shower then. For a phone u might as well forget it unless u got ties with someone. Thankfully i did …my old dope dealer was the chairman of my tier. Lol god when i got outside finally i seriously wanted to kiss the grass n roll in it like a dog after giving it a bath…lmao


Dude you do learn to appreciate some of the littlest things. It’s humbling. I remember kicking in the holding tank/cell and knowing bc of my case, I wasn’t going to see day light without a jumper on for the next year at least and my initial plea deal was 6 years with half…


Mar. 17th mind blowing random thought of the day: Scheele’s green was a popular vibrant pigment used during the 19th century for wallpaper designs, candles, clothing items, confections, and various home goods. However, it was eventually discontinued after it was discovered to have contained high traces of arsenic, which led to the deaths of many children and even French military commander Napoleon Bonaparte himself, as the color was used abundantly throughout his home in exile.


Or someone was playing a seriously long game. :open_mouth:


Are we talking Risk or Stratego? :smiley:

He probably also burned Scheele’s Green candles and ate Scheele’s pastries, while wearing a Sheele’s sweater. :joy:


Mar. 18th mind blowing random thought of the day: Human males are the only members of the primate family who don’t have any bones in their penises.


I knew i was missing something.


Thats definitely an evolution thing…all the kinky crap we get into it took a couple thousand years of dudes breakin the damn thing for us to get rid of it lol


Lol yet we have a euphemism for sex called “Boning” :rofl::thinking:


I can only imagine what it would be like with one. Painful at times, im sure.


Mar. 19th mind blowing random thought of the day: There exists a Velcro patch inside the helmet of an astronaut’s spacesuit for the purpose of scratching one’s face.


Mar. 20th mind blowing random thought of the day: China’s air pollution is so severe that it is visible from space.


Speaking of China i thought this was pretty wild…


The 2011 earthquake in Japan sped Earth’s day up by 1.8 microseconds. There are always new mountains being made by volcanic activity though, so these likely dont make a huge difference.


See also, from XKCD:



Lol. Incorrect. The time saved will never equal the effort and time spent spinning around. You’re just wasting your time away grom your other person.

That and tomorrow the planet plans to drown you…