Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


Did anyone notice @Andreanova posting something with less than 10 characters? Am I seeing (counting) this correctly? lol

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:eye: know

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I found the bug :rofl:!!!


Whaaaat!? Do share your secrets with me :hugs::slight_smile:


:rofl:…Actually I didn’t notice till you pointed it out! Very observant Ashley!


Haha! It’s what I do for a living/36 hours a week… observe :eyes:

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You are good at it :wink:…in what kind of profession?

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Emojis get converted to a code like :this: in the system, and then when the post is displayed, the code converts back to the image it’s supposed to be. It looks like, apparently, that code can add to your character count. The one I just posted, is :manshrugging: but with an underscore character between “man” and “shrugging”. :man_shrugging:


Ahh!! Thank you @Ifs :blush:



I think Robin has been out for a while as well. Hes not been able to do as much maintenance as he would like, because of the constant outages in SA.


May 2nd mind blowing random thought of the day: When Rasputin died in 1916, his penis was removed from his body and presented to his daughter Maria, who took it to Paris, France and put it on display. After her death in 1977, Rasputin’s penis was sold at an auction for $640 to Dr. Igor Knyazkin, head physician at the Prostate Center of Russia’s Academy of Sciences.


I heard he was shot a bunch of times, chained up and thrown in a river. And his body was never recovered. Always thought it was too mysterious to be true. Removal of the doinker seems a bit excessive. Also, wtf was Maria thinking…I hope she had it in an urn or something…ewww.

Was it really “presented” to her…or more like lobbed at her as they drove off?

So many questions…


Hahah love that last question :joy:. I think knowing the Russians it was lobbed at her haha. Drive by penis throwing


It’s really incredible haha the things you find. Idk if I get smarter or dumber but I definitely learn something new everyday from you :rofl:


I love learning, but only if it involves things that are not going to benefit me whatsoever.


Hahaha well said. Those are always the best :thinking::joy:


May 3rd mind blowing random thought of the day: When the children’s show ‘Sesame Street’ was first released in 1969, it was banned by the Mississippi Commission for Educational Television for being too racially diverse. However, the ban was lifted a month later due to popular demand in the state.


Damn. “Too racially diverse” … I also thought that puppets couldn’t be ethnic because they are just puppets. Lolol

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Can you blame them?? Putting one of “those” people on a TV show for little kids to be subjected to watching, what was PBS thinking???
…I mean, i dont know if hes Romanian, Austrian, or what but that Count is just a horrible influence on little white kids from the deep south, what if they end up learning math??? :joy::joy::poop: