My Sober journey 💝

Thank you for the support ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It means a lot !!!

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Hello ! How are you all ?
I’m tired and have a lot to do but trying not to stress too much. Still sober and don’t want to drink at all. Yesterday I went to see my old colleagues. Last Time I Saw them was when I leaved this work and WE had si much drinks, so wasted …they notices this time I didn’t drink alcohol but I didn’t mind at all and was still this super fun girl, laughing, singing…happier. when I worked with them It was so Bad. Started the job while separating and trying to leaved and I find a place, the COVID etc and the job was so hard. They explain that it’s worst than ever. I’m glad I fought to leave this awful place. And to be alive. Grateful for everything I’ve been through.
Don’t wanna be in this place ever again.

Sending all my support and love :sunflower::revolving_hearts:



So lovely to hear from you. Almost at your 6 months of sobriety :muscle:t4:. That’s gotta feel wonderful. Great job of mingling with old colleagues and not drinking. I know sometimes our old atmospheres or aquaintnces can make us want to indulge

Love this! Keep doing all that you are doing :people_hugging:

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Thank you ! :cupid:

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For me focusing on the future inevitably makes me think of the past…I need to break up the day into 1/3…one day sometimes seems too long but when I don’t think of today the aa road seems daunting and impossible so the lil devil in me says “fuvk it” instead of the the good guy telling me “let that shit go”

I learned that as much as connection is important, it’s more than human connection that gets us through…hone in on your spiritual and develop it like your life depended on it…

You got this!!!


I understand :smiling_face:Some days it’s one hour at a Time. Still need to ajust things…like too much interaction during the day is not good and I really need Time alone so learned to Say no to rest

Taking Care of our spirit. Thanks for your words :revolving_hearts:

Yesterday was 6 months…got my 6 months chip tonight…I kinda don’t like It …like it’s been already used …It don’t matter in fact but I’m grumpy since Yesterday. Because I saw my doctor and I’m not happy with the way the consultation went…

but nevermind. I had dinner with my AA Friends tonight. Got Big hugs. So feel better. :hugs:

6 months guys. I’m proud. And day 2 without cigarettes



6 months is huge and you should be proud. :tada::confetti_ball::muscle:t4: Day 2 of no smoking … could this be the cause of the grumpiness?

You are doing a hell of a job…I’m sorry about the doctors visit. I know our health doesn’t magically bounce back just cause we leave our addictions but our bodies do start repairing themselves. This would not be possible if we were still smoking and drinking. So he’ll yeah for paving a healthier way for yourself.

Join us on the Grumpy A-holes (quitting cigarettes/ nicotine products) thread …a lot of good advice and support on quitting smoking.

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7 months and 14 days. Got this one Yesterday. 1 month and 14 days without cigarettes. Vaping just two three (I don’t know How to Say) breathe.

I’m fasting for the first Time since 17 Years for the Ramadan because I Can. I 'm not really a religious person but I felt that It was a great way to feel connected to my Roots, my late father, and for people in the World suffering. It helps with the anger and I meditate / pray on m’y on World for m’y loved ones and for a better World.



Great work friend. Love all the addiction free time you have gathered up. Great to see you doing well in your sobriety. Keep up the amazing efforts :muscle:t4:

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Got my 8 months chip and very proud but to bé honest I have dangerous thoughts because I feel angry??? Thanks God I have a lot of meetings in Paris. and I’ll start to jog this weekend. I bought cigarettes After 2 months but I’ll bé back on track ! Sending love :tulip:

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That’s fantastic friend — 8 months is amazing work. Grateful for the meetings and that you will be getting out to jog – i know how the anger can eat us alive. Sending love right back friend - keep up the great efforts :muscle:

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Thank you :heart::blush::heart::blush:

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Hello :tulip: Yesterday I was in bar in Paris and It was great. My Friends were drinking a Lot but I was drinking m’y Mango juice and limonades and laughed a lot. I didn’t want to drink AT ALL. It’s my New life now and it’s very great to be there and enjoy every part of It. I left and sent message to my Friend. I don’t know How she ended the night. Waiting for her text. But she read m’y message and I think that she IS fine. She Can stop AT some point. That wasn’t my case. It’s thé Big différence.

Also I go to AA meetings when I Can and this month just 2 Times. It’s april so it’s the 4 th step " Taking a personal inventory". At first I thought It was about making a list of your defects and flaws. But it’s not. And I started to write about it. It’s really powerful. Just wanted to share this.

Sending lot of Love :cupid:

Have a Wonderful day.



This is wonderful to read… getting a grasp on your life and surroundings and living your life with your new found freedom…way to go friend. Keep working on your journey :people_hugging:

9 months and almost 12 days. Got My 9 months chip today. I wasn’t planning on going to this meeting but I was working from home and managed to.

And we went for a lunch. It was such a great Time.

But After that I was really mad. I’m mad in general. Talking with m’y loved ones about matter of life, éducation, politic is exhausting. And for me it’s a Big matter as I’m trying to stay true to myself and stop lowing my Voice. But then everybody stays quiet like I’m the one overreacting. I’m mad because people are selfish. Maybe I’m mad because I stayed quiet for too long…well it’s gonna be ok…:smiling_face:


9+ months is amazing work friend. :muscle: Glad you went and picked up your chip!

Oof the anger and intense emotions can be overwhelming and rile up the blood. I know I"m working on my short fuse and anger management issues (it does take time in recovery).

this very much could be the case. I find that writing out the anger issues and stepping back helps me - sometimes i find that i may have over reacted and others is see that i may be rightfully angry but i’m the one that’s hurting so i try to figure out a way to let that shit go.

the Fuck Right Off thread is helpful in this department :wink: Conglomerated List of “Things that can Fck right off (Part 2)

Thank you Jazzy, you are a :blue_heart:
I’m gonna check this thread.

“i may be rightfully angry but i’m the one that’s hurting so i try to figure out a way to let that shit go”


I’ll work on that. More. Because I didn’t at the beginning but it’s like I forgot or maybe this anger IS alsona way for me not to feel numb. I don’t want to get rid of It…but you are right. I have to step back…I’m not convinced as I write this but hey we’ll see. Miracle do happen :rofl:

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i have faith. yes – miracles do happen :heart:

I totally relate to you feeling an emotion intensely in a way to feel numb. Do you think therapy might help? Possibly get to the root of why you are wanting to feel numb? For me EMDR therapy helped to some extent and then i reached to my HP to help – believe me, i’m still working on it but it has gotten so much better.

big hugs friend and a huge congrats for all that you have accomplished :hugs:

Yess I’ll try to find a therapist but I’ve been in therapy for 2 Years about my alcohol addiction already. I Can see now How It helped but anger is a feeling liké other, it’s part of who I am and I don’t want to repress It. I. BUT you are right have to find a way to express It and let It out and not feel overwhelmed with is. D-anger :grin:

Someone Yesterday told me that I’m growing UP, Being an adulte. It’s true. Because I skipped a good part of my childhood because of situations.

Thank your It’s really helping me and If I Can do anything to help too :hugs:

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