Pet Peeves Anyone?


Omg, I just laughed out loud! Well, I mean you have the comfy pants with all those pockets doing nothing anyway so you may as well wear them to carry our stuff in! I say this should be date night attire requirement now for men because I hate carrying a purse. :laughing:


I echo the hilarity of this. I am working entirely too hard on my whole entire self to hide it in the baginess of cargo pants. But my husband lucked out. I carry my own junk :joy:


I got this colleague that is doing my fucking head in - it falls in line with a lot of pet peeves here; maybe some of you might have a word of advice.

There’s a 19 year old lad I work with who speaks very little English and when he talks it comes across as rude and i find his attempt to learn English minimal. He started in this company as a Pot Washer and credit to him, did it for a year and the manager decided to give him a go at cooking. He’s a real cocky little fucker and will not listen to me despite having 12 years experience. I advise him why he shouldnt do certain practices and tell him why but he just doesnt understand then goes about what he was doig his way which compromises quality… then when we get complaints, he stands there with a face like a slapped arse and I have to listen to shit about how ‘I as an experienced chef should tell him how its done’…so then he gets off scot free. Then when I do work to standard practices, he comes along and fucks it up. I’ve never worked with someone so resistent to learn and he’s told me already he doesnt want to do this for a living - if thats the case, why the fuck is he there?! Theres thousands of chefs out there who’d kill for his job! I’m off tonight and hes off tomorrow…but i got in touch with my boss to make sure he carrys out a certain task in a particular way and he gave her false reasons as to why he should do it his way… If I were the head chef, he’d be gone. Anyone have relatable experiences with people lile this? Bottom line is i have to work with this guy but he’s just not cut out for it and hes briging me down


I don’t work in this area, but in reading this it makes me think he should go or needs to take some sort of certification/food handling (handler?) class. Have you guys sat down with him one on one to see what the issue or misunderstanding is?


Yeah many times. They keep suspecting its a language barrier which in a way is true but i just see an arrogant young man who doesnt give a shit. And its frustrating. As. Fuck.


Does PMS count :smirk:


I am sorry about your co-worker. I have been in food business for a long time and, like you I never compromise quality. Language barrier? Sure, understandable but I suggest that you take it to management from the standards angle. It might get their attention.


Yeah see the language barrier doesnt wash too well with me because I speak other languages and it never ever hindered on my manners or my respect for elders or those with more knowledge.

He’s a young Romanian lad who is in UK purely to make some money and go home - Its a common thing and while im all for opportunity, it took me years and long days and beastings and burns and cuts and sickness. To do it also in 2nd, 3rd and 4th languages aswell, I think im at license to say a “Language barrier” is simply not a good enough excuse.


I also just want to say, I apply this to every sector, not just catering. If any job requires/demands that you have a certain skill set, you must have that skillset to do that job.


I wish we could sit and talk about this. I am a chef and owned a catering company for over a decade. English is my second language
but it never was an excuse to be a lame cook. I understand your frustration completely.


Ppl who chew loudly. Number one pet peeve hands down :grimacing:


I’m an 80’s kid too. I remember taking out my folder in 9th grade and the whole class said ew gross your folder smells. I wanted to die. Also my best friend was not allowed to sleep at my house because her mom couldn’t take the smell when she came home :frowning:


I overheard today that it isnt going unnoticed which to me is a positive sign. Message me! I’d love to hear your thoughts.


When I received my 1st “perfect” Christmas card from one of my “perfect” friends yesterday, showcasing her “perfect” children. It was stamped on November 20th. No. Just no.

I still have pumpkins on my front porch. My children are better looking than hers though, so I’ve got her beat on that front lol. Yes. Yes I do.


I have a box of Christmas cards from at least 5 years ago with a list of people and addresses in the box…probably should get to those


This. Is. Priceless. :joy::joy::joy:


Last year, I printed maybe 5 pics from my phone at CVS. Wrote some sort of basic message on the back of them, and passed them out lol. I was in a less than give a rats place last year lol


You should see the card. It includes the new address of her “perfect” home in Charlotte. Shocker. Shocked the children weren’t showcased in front of all the home’s “perfect” splendor. I guarantee the outdoor illumination lol was hired out and completed before Thanksgiving. Hurl.


Anyone who feels the need to project that kind of outward image is hiding something…


Ahaha yeeees, I bought a dress in summer and the first thing I told my friends was “look, it has pockets” :rofl: