Share your tattoos (no triggers please 🙏🏻)

Hi fellow addicts!!!
I was thinking if sober selfies are going great and leg selfies also (whyyyyy???)
Let’s start a fresh tattoo thread.

Would love to see the art we carry around, please do mind triggers.

This piece is an drawing of Leonardo da Vinci.
The story behind the drawing is that Leonardo was searching for the human soul.
In that search he performed section on mother’s which passed away in labor. This is how he documented how a baby is safely tugged away in the womb.

I love Da Vinci, one of the greatest open minds to have walked our earth.

Tommorow I am getting a bracelet done. Will post that one when healed :muscle:t2:



I started this tattoo on my 18th Birthday, starting with the top half and there was a bit if a tribal-revival going on in the UK at the time. It doesnt mean anything and I’ve had it so long now that I dont really see it. I’ve thought about having it removed before but I’ve learned to like it for my own reasons plus, it’s not offensive so… why bother? :slight_smile:


I have 3 but one is on my back so I can’t get a photo of it.

This is my most recent…got for my soberversary

This is my first one…it’s quite blurry now.



This is a neat idea. I havent gotten one in 7 years but just this Friday I went into a shop to start the process of getting an old one covered up and I’m stoked bc it’s gonna rock, just not til September bc hes booked. The one I’m getting covered is on the back of my neck and I dont have a pic. It’s a cartoon cat. Here are my other 3.

My first one on my 18th birthday(15yo)

Second one, still at 18

And my favorite, at 26.


Very nice btw

One life, one chance. Got this when I was 16 after one of the most hellish phases of my addiction in my whole life. I don’t have nor plan to get any more.


I posted this on another tattoo thread awhile ago.

The half sleeve pics are the ones from the artists if page since its harder for me to get the pictures of them myself. I might have him go into my chest with it later.

I have a couple more, but can’t find the pics and can’t take any at the moment


Awesome you guys!
There is such diversity in what people choose as their art I love that!!!

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Sneaking in a preview :slight_smile:


On my right wrist. Just over three years ago I had a stroke as a result of my drinking, it affected my right side so I have constant numbness. Got the anchor when I came out of hospital as a reminder not to let it pull me down.

More recently I got the swallow, a sign of my sobriety and flying high. Well something like that anyway :crazy_face:


My Phoenix


I have others but there on nape of neck and shoulder


My arm tattoo. Have 5 tattoos in total. My backpiece will be finished next wednesday. It’s my 1 year sober tattoo.

Removed picture at 24-01-20 because of privacy

Not a great picture because I’m at work.
Are you at the tattoo shop right now @ThajokerNL?


I was! Done @ 12, 2 hour session.

Love the space in between Claudia!!! Amazing tat.

I guess this bracelet I got will be the start of my arm getting inked up :man_shrugging:t2:


A total sleeve? That’s on my wish list too on my other arm. But first finish the one on my back.
Can you share a photo of yours finished?

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I love this Claudia and can’t wait to see your back when it’s done.

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I like that one… can’t wait to see your new one when it’s done!

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It is hard to grasp in a photo cause it’s a “bracelet” on the inside I have the semicolon. = ;
It’s the awareness sign for mental health :pray:t2:


Wow that’s a weird face :joy: