Shout Outs


Shout out to @Bomdhil. Heard you reached 16 days? If so, that is freaking amazing! This disease does not own you, you’re killing it!


That’s what you do. You’ve had your standing-eight. Now get your hands up, fists clenched, chin-tucked. Get to working the angles, throwing the jab, slipping the counter punches. Keep the feet moving.

Get after it!


Sending u sober vibes from across the world!!! Have a fantastic day!


@rmgrimmer you are right. And I am very grateful to your amazing support and care although we don’t know each other personally.
Thank you. Last time I relapsed at 20 days. I long to be a whole month sober and beyond


@rmgrimmer All my gratitude to you and your powerful words in time of misery


Or a time of rebuilding! Pain is not always suffering. Sometimes things need to be broken down to be built back stronger.


This is a Kayne-free zone… It’s face punchin time


Wrong thread.


Well that’s just a daft punk rip off anyways.


I am sorry I don’t know why but I can not watch the video. Thank you for the words. I hope the Lord builts something new in me


You’re in India, right? Is Google supported there? I know there are several countries that it’s not.


Spain, I think.


You’re right. I’m sure YouTube is supported in Spain. Weird that the link didn’t work. No big deal, it was just a mediocre song by a terrible person.


I am in Spain. I tried to search it in YouTube but nothing


Ha ha. Now I feel more curious


Don’t bother. Just a self-absorbed Hollywood celebrity that thinks the world revolves around him. Sometimes makes good music, usually extremely offensive person.


Ok. I understand. But I got the message. Sometimes what seem horrible things make as grow and grow stronger


Shout out to @Bill_Phillips. Want you to know that I have a tremendous amount if respect for you, man. Recognize that you’ve been suffering a bit lately, and wanted you to know that you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers.


Thanks you so much…the support here is amazing!


Shout out to my girl @Jessi.lynn. You stepped up and took over SMART, and I couldn’t be more grateful. As @Englishd and T. Swift say, “haters gonna hate hate hate hate.” You have been here for me since you joined. We all adore you!!!