Sober selfies


You can’t scare me like that. Don’t you know the crazy ppl gotta stick together? Lol. Just glad you’re still around


Sorry just getting back…i like old country like Willie Nelson, Tom petty, well…pretty much anything easier!


Sober for 358 days.
I’m still alive.

I found this green hat that I got when I was 15 years old.
That will be 14 years ago.
I was a mess at that time.
Now I could have the same hat on me and have a true smile with sobriety


I was going though some old photos and I found another one I wanted on here. Guess which one is when I was drinking and when I was sober? lol Its been 4 days sober now and I am beginning to feel like the guy on the right again. It feels good.


Wow! A whole new person!!! \(○^ω^○)/


Thank you! :grin: it’s good motivation to keep it up that’s for sure. Haha I think I dropped like 52lbs total





My bass was my happy place as well, unfortunately I shattered my ring finger during a relapse.
Had surgery in December. Not sure I will ever be able to play again. :confused:


You got this.


6 days sober


Is that a goldie? Looks like my dog


Oh dear that really sucks!


Looking good and festive :wink: @anon69871201


He’s a golden mix. ヘ(^_^)ヘ



39 days and loving the freedom of sobriety!(And this guy😉)


Hes my dogs double. Mines is 3/4 standard poodle 1/4 golden retriever


6 months! loving life!


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