Sober selfies


Holy. Friggin. Crap. I think I can do that on a bicycle. With a motor.


I could not do it now :slightly_frowning_face:

I was training most days with a friend who is like a Whippet and it was a pretty flat race. I was living in Holland quite a lot then too and running along with a lot of people cycling really got the pace up.

Setting new goals now I’m able to run again. I tore my calf in October and it’s just about feeling OK.

If I ever get under 20 minutes again I will be ecstatic.


I used to run full court pick up games of basketball and when we didn’t win/stay on the court I was running laps, mostly to keep the rust from setting in lol


I need to get some more training before I think about competitive haha. I just started running again in the last month. I’d be happy to get my 5k down around 24-27 min range. I’m more of a bike guy these days. It’s easier on my rickety joints


OK I don’t know what that means. Is it like winner stays on?


People of every shape and size do Parkrun. The slowest in my group is about 50 minutes. It’s just to encourage people to get active. My race is usually won in about 14.30 so I have no chance of ever winning.

They split in to age groups too so you might win your age group but even then I’ve never won that.


I’m tired just thinking about running 14.30


Yeah, I dont think I could run a sub 20 5k not on a treadmill. Maybe not even on a treadmill. Haven’t actually tried. Last time is did a 21 minute 5k was almost 8 years ago.

As for running a sub 7 minute pace… that’s a good goal. I can do it for a mile, but not any longer than that. When i lived in Tacoma it was a much lower elevation. I ran 7:45 pace 5 milers. Now here in Yakima, much higher elevation, I’m running around 8:20 pace 5 milers.


There’s a woman who wins it regularly, she just bitch slaps us all. I have volunteered a good few times since I haven’t been able to run and she won 5 weeks in a row.


Damn all you skinny people


I once ran with a guy that easily chatted with me while I huffed and puffed. He ran with some guys and huffed and puffed. They ran with a guy and did that same. That guy won the Portland Marathon. His 26.2 miles were at a faster pace than I can even sprint downhill.


I’m really not skinny. I’m at 182 llbs just now and 5 ft 11 I want to get to 168 so looking forward to running again and losing it.


I think the circumference of my waist matches my height right now.


Yes winner stays in the court. Most just grab a seat and spectate, I couldn’t quit moving or I became a piece of concrete


You could win if you rolled to the finish line then!


I did a marathon in 4.05.52 I was raging I missed the 4.00.00 and hit the wall big time at about 21 miles. I lost a good 20 minutes then due to cramp.

The crazy in me is thinking I could have another go in October.



My other half had to order size 44 waist and he’s not pregnant. I gave him that look :joy:


My marathon was a joke. Took me just over 5 hours. Hadn’t trained properly. Was donating plasma, taking 46 credits in Grad School, wife had a super complicated pregnancy with twins, also in phlebotomy lab. It was miserable. Did a great half then fumbled the rest of the way.

Someday I’ll do another.


Squeeze hard enough and maybe it will come out!