Sober selfies


Always allergies. I take flonase and claritin in the morning, and benadryl at night. Year round. My allergies never stop. When my body gets used to the claritin, I switch to one of the others for a few months. They won’t give me shots because my allergy tests come back inconclusive. 4 times I’ve had the full back poke test.
I also spent 16 weeks this winter with a migraine.
So, we are moving out of the midwest. After 34 years, that’s the best plan of action we could come up with. My doctors agree with me that we’ve tried everything.


Oh my goodness! That sounds just miserable. Definitely see why the move may work best for you. Hugs & heal quick!


Congrats man! Didnt have much doubt in ya anyways, I could see u doin this already lol, considering I already read everything u post in Patrick Warburton’s voice it seems fitting :grin:


Thanks :slight_smile: I would wear it more often but if I pick up my dog once, it’s covered with her hair :joy::see_no_evil:


Thank you!!


90 days!


I’ve definitely started drinking more soda and surgery drinks. I’m on day 68, and my cravings only just started to get bad. I’ll have to stock up on more treats and sodas.


Stank eye outside tonight’s venue.


I drink club soda with a splash of POM pomegranate juice when I am craving soda. Does the trick for me.


In real life I sound like the comedian Bill Burr, just less cussing.


Haha, no way…the Boston that strong in ya huh?


I like carbonated water too with a splash of fruit juice. And every night I have pomegranate tea :+1:t3:


Finally made it to the beach! A great way to celebrate my one year


Yo congratulates!




Haha! That’s awesome. I was jamming out on my bike ride tonight…I may have done some one handed air drumming/head banging.
*disclaimer: I do NOT recommend head banging on a moving bike in the dark. I about bit it a few times.




475 . When I was coming up on a year sober, I wanted to buy myself something awesome to celebrate. So, I bought a friend and I tickets to go skydiving. We were supposed to go a couple of weeks ago, but it poured all day. Well. It is beautiful out this morning, so away we go! After that I am going to a baby shower, and then I am going to go to Live band karaoke. So. Happy sunday, guys.
Your sobriety is what you make it. Go enjoy your life through a new lens. It’s pretty cool, I promise.


Have fun skydiving. That’s still on my bucket list. Looking great!


Wow!! Soaring Sober Ninja! What a way to celebrate ~ you’ve gotta tell us how it felt :+1:t3: