Sober selfies


Laid out by the pool earlier. Got a little tan and a little red haha definitely more sunscreen next time


If that happens can I come work for you hahah


I will need an assistant…I’ll put you on the top of the list!! :laughing::laughing:


I think I’ll call you Tyra so that I stand out from the crowd. I may as well have been born in DE, but I wasn’t. I was born in Indiana, and then my parents whisked me away to Delaware before I was old enough to know what the hell was going on. They took my brother and two sisters with us. Had I been old enough I would have recommended leaving them behind so that I could be the center of attention. By the time I was 10 they all went off to college so my plan of being an only child ultimately came to fruition. They were all 8-10 years older than me. I was obviously an accident, but I’ve not been able to coerce a confession to that as of yet. I realize now that none of this answers your question. I have lived here since I was about 2. So that means 47 years. See I can run my mouth too!!

I’m working on my top 20 albums from the 1980s for my Facebook page. Give me two suggestions.


Its weird while drinking I managed restaurants and bars no problem, bar tended, was a waitress.
Now the thought of doing any of it makes my anxiety go through the roof.
I was talking to a few girls the other day who waitress and they said they all made between 2-4 hundred dollars everyday last weekend. I started thinking about how I missed that money and how most days I could easily double what most made because I was great at my job and people loved me. To the point I had strangers request me all the time.
So we were at dinner last night and I told hubby I could go back to it even if just for weekends. His response was… You hate people more then anyone I know now. There are days you don’t even want to talk to me. I don’t think serving people is your thing anymore :joy:
After thinking about it he’s right. Just the thought of going up to a table as a waitress gave me an anxiety attack sitting there. Lol


Yeah give Me a restaurant with 8 milloin in sales and i’ll run it. No problem. Just that I Will hate every minute of it :joy:


new day new opportunities


Two albums that I think of from the 1980s is Thriller and Purple Rain.


7 am and I’m feeling puffy today but heading for coffee with my girlfriend so life is good!


I was bored lol


This is My no excuses, work towards the goal, or My sex face?


Same time in the morning, 7am
Same place - the stroke unit :muscle:
Different skin colour :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:
I love you summer 2018 :purple_heart::pray:
Day 442 here - Happy Sober Saturday!


:ok_hand:awesome strike and looking perfect


Getting ready for second dinner!


Is that like second breakfast? :joy::joy:


Damn straight!


Yay, I got some color today!!!


Queenstown outlets! Ugh… no where local to shop lol


Queenstown is not tax free though…


I just went to christiana mall a few weeks ago. Smh i couldnt hardly buy clothes. The new thing must be thigh high shorts my nutz can hang out of and small tight shirts… rehoboth outlets are tax free and there is a beach! Worried about 7% tax u prob spend that in gas up there.