Sober selfies


And it’s 11:11. Lovin da tunes


Looking a little Wayne Static today!


I had Wisconsin Death Trip in the cd player at the time of the picture lol. Yes, I still have and use cds. They just sound better to me.


A little bit of Ali G, and a little bit of Bootsy Collins…one has to love that…


As long as you rock the Steelers gear



Hubby looks super exhausted today. Lol
He just got home from work


Must be a guy thing. Because I am fcking beat!


Haha maybe it is. I feel great. Lol
Him on the other hand was no so happy that we had dinner reservations to take my girls out to celebrate the end of the school. Lol


Lol. I always walk by this fake grass lawn with my dog Samwise. The lawn is pristine. And I always scurry by and tell Sam to get off his lawn. I always think of your “get off my lawn” mantra… And now I will always have the Get off my lawn face in my head too


Oh you wives. You guys always seem to tell us these things right when we get home the day of said reservations :weary::triumph:


Do I smell a new thread?


Last night I had some old school LL Cool J rockin’ in the House of Pain garage dojo. My wife comes out to ask me a question, looks at me, turns around and goes back inside.

I still have no idea what she wanted/needed.




A friend and I watched this movie when it came out on DVD. We liked it so much, we watched it again as soon as it ended.


Which movie is this?


Actually I had originally planned to take my girls for lunch today but he said well why don’t you wait until I get out of work then we can take them to celebrate together with dinner and get ice cream after.
So I made reservations at the place that has food and ice cream that they make at the factory right there.
Its Friday so they have all you can eat fish too.
Lol :joy:






I’ve seen that…I love Bill Murray in that…didn’t recognice it from the photo