Sober selfies


You gotta pick your battles wisely…you’ve already lost this one :wink:


I’m so gonna rip up your lawn lol GO METRIC!!:smiley:


We’re too busy freedoming loudly to hear your cries for metric



We just freedom quietly :wink:


Lots of “sorreys” and “lemme sneak past ya’s” :joy::rofl::joy:


My lawn is 10,000 sqft of pain for metric-types.


They’re on our lawn, 355mL cans are thinly veiled ounces… at least they’re making our bottles 500mL instead of 591…

(This is my almost 7 day selfie)


I’m already metric…I don’t have to cry for it…You’re already half metric…you make no sense :wink:




Easy cowboys! I’ll do the math for you, one day at a time.


LuluJo uses MATH! It’s super effective! Unit conversion fainted…


Ya so sorry about that :wink:




Oh I’m sure they didn’t use the metric system at all to get there. :stuck_out_tongue:




While I am finding this hilarious, and tempted to continue, I’m concerned about this getting out of hand… you have fun guys.


Mmm sound stage in a Hollywood basement


Dude, when I was in the Corps, we measured distance in meters, except when doing a forced march, that was in miles…lots and lots of miles. Distance to target? 2500 meters. Distance we have to walk with a bunch of crap on our back, before we can secure for the weekend? 25 miles. Everything else was in US measurements. 25 miles in 95 degree heat. Standing in line to fill a 1 quart canteen. Watching 5-ton trucks roll by, burning gallons of diesel, and we’re walking.

We didn’t use english measures though. Can’t tell how many stone my pack weighed, but I swear there were rocks in it.

Metric. US. I’m scared for life.


Wow! Nice!