Sober selfies


Posh is in for fall, I see. Sobriety agrees with you


Not the best first day but I’m going to keep going, if I put nothing in I will get nothing out of it, just makes sense to keep putting in


Thank you! :heart: I forgot to upload this…


Definitely Posh.


Another day of working…335 days


I love chai latte! It’s my only weakness


Sober + Snapchat :blush:


Doubt it! :hugs:


Have you tried this yet???


Half my life revolves around wanting to eat good food. I should definitely try that!


Sober Renn Fest!! Had an awesome time.


Off work and on my way home and shower and get ready for my AA book study


Not fair!! :grin:


Waffles as breakfast sandwiches haven’t landed in T dot?? (Saw from a who’s Canadian post that is where you are from. From my Oui Oui post, you can tell where I’m from I guess :wink: )


Oh you might have me confused with @Deadman who is in Toronto. I’m Seattle. But nonetheless, those sandwiches tho!


Oh I did, im sorry about that.
Yes, they are monsters of taste. Do you have Timmy’s? I always forget Tim Hortons is in the states. Actually, is it??


Looks like the closest one to me is 75 miles in B.C. too bad, cause that looks good!


Have we talked before? Seems like Washington is slowly becoming more relevant on here. I’m in Yakima. Before that, Tacoma.


I don’t believe we have. I’ve also noticed a few other PNWers lately.


What is Renn Fest?