Sober selfies


Are those JNCO Mammoths?



Thank you @Deadman :raising_hand_woman:


Indeed they are. Most absurd thing I think I’ve worn.


Man I always wanted a pair of them jeans :joy::rofl: glad I never had any now that I can look back on it


Jnco jeans and anything Adidas was kind of the “uniform” of the straightedge hardcore music scene in my city…and since that was the lifestyle I adhered to and proudly claimed, I had to make it known in every way, including my appearance. Hahahaha.

Young dude following a fashion trend, but at the very least, it was a part of me being in a great social setting, both in music, friends, and the beliefs we all held.

What’s crazy is thinking about how many of my friends from that time that were straightedge, and how many of them no longer are…which is all of them.


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Because you’re… awesome!


I agree and endorse this statement as fact.


Because you have a highly developed sense of comedy, like Lucille Ball.


I’m loving all these selfies, you look Wicked good :heart:


Oh hello!! :heart_eyes:


I love this, thanks for sharing. Loved your written picture post as well :star_struck:


To brighten everyone’s day :hibiscus: and feel happy!


Looking fresh and sober :fire:


Very nice! Do you still have that guitar?


You look beautiful :heart:️ and proud :hibiscus:


Hey Shauana I hope you get some R&R. Happy you are checking in sober :blush:


Love the change and yes :raised_hands: to lowered/non existent stress levels


Sadly, no. This is the collection now. The black V doesn’t get played any more. Used it for every album/show/tour/etc. since buying it in 2000, but retired it after my friend passed, as that was the end of our band…The other guitars get a regular rotation though.