Sober selfies


Congratulations on hitting your 1 year mark. So amazing! What’s your favorite change?


Yeah man, get it! The year mark was very trying for me, but the end result was great!


Waking up sober.


This pic was from Friday night. Playing cards & drinking mocktails with my wife. Loving sobriety!!!


Fabulous. Congratulations


Bill, you look great. Look to be slimming down some too.


6 hours before my first AA meeting . Getting nervous … and no that’s not a bottle of wine in the background it’s balsamic vinegar :see_no_evil:


Me on some crazy Predator/Alien mashup motorcycle sculpture at a temple in Thailand. They are trying to appeal to the younger generation so have all these amazing sculptures made out of old car/bus/tractor parts. Lots of Transformer ones too. Pretty cool place


Where is it? Like the scenery




You look amazing … enjoy the meeting!!!


Niagara falls, NY


Thank you I will do my best x


back after a week off for deloading.


rockets wrappers and a needy cat kind of night


Rockets were always my fav Halloween candy.


@pjsears this is the selfies thread, you can click the icon on the bottom left of the text box to add a photo.


Congrats! That is great. Love seeing the year mark.


Thank you, sir. Yes, the weight has a hard time staying on when 5 - 10,000 calories of booze per week have been eliminated from my diet! Never going back!


Yuck…I threw up a little just thinkin about them lol…always the last candy and always traded them or just gave away to people I didnt care for…like my Brother…ha