Sober selfies


Who cares, we all appreciate it :joy::rofl:

This pic makes me think of the “STEVEN STEVEN” vids lol


Never heard, who’s this STEVEN? :grin:


My wife always asks, “Why do you need another guitar? Don’t they all sound the same?”



My wife buys me mine :grin:


Because you’re awesome!!


I replied the exact same thing, right before I saw your reply.


Lucky man! My wife did buy me a banjo though. That was pretty rad of her.


Nice collection!! I need to take a pic of all my bikes some day.


I have a friend who me and all our friends call pants because he used to rock those all the time back in the day.


Thanks :slight_smile: I mean i was still grafting in the bar shot mind lol :slight_smile:


Ha well there you go. She got me a banjo as well for my 50th. ( not your wife, mine that is) I haven’t picked it up for ages. Can just about do dueling banjos on it and strum a few chords. I need to get the hang of the picking though.


Lol she’s got a bunch of stuff


Yes!!! I’ve seen these. They are hilarious!!


Festive department meeting today. Delicious food as a bonus!


Hello from Chicago everybody! A pleasure to meet you!


Lol :rofl:

Banjo is fun! I got the major chords down and some picking. Thank god for Youtube! Amirite?!?


Omg hahahaha :joy::joy:


Reminds me of the dad and mom from OMG shoes. 90s fashion at its finest also


That looks good!!


Day 59: Creating new routines and habits in sobriety sometimes involves the absurd. Welcome to Onesie Mondays!