Sober selfies


Not a 70s model, but I have played my old man’s Studio LP. It’s like butter!


Wicked rad :two_hearts:


I’m torn on whether to buy something like a '14 trad Honeyburst or a '18 Anaconda burst. The '14 ill have to change the pickups whereas the AB comes with Seymour duncans as standard…but i LOVE the finish. I basically want a guitar and amp setup that will closely mimic slashs because I play and write in the same style. Im most comfortable with PRS or Ibanez guitars but I found it impossible to get that soulfull groove over a heavily sustained rock sound. That’ll be my treat and for fun cuz i love that style of play.

For my own sound, I’m going to get a custom guitar from Elixer - my former guitar teacher uses them and he’s currently Cliff Richards guitarist…so i trust him!


Day 45. When therapy is emotional and tiring, the obvious answer is to get cozy on the couch in a fleece panda onsie. Best $20 I ever spent. :rofl:


I do like that cladding.


In my part of the world, there is a great enthusiasm for exposed pine interiors.


Get both the '14 and '18! Thats what I would do!


I think i’d feel most comfortable in your part of the world. I mean, top quality exposed pine cladding is just lovely.

I’ve got a lovely Swedish pine chopping board from Denmark made from oakwood. :slight_smile:


I dont have the money to buy all three :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


You are in Milton Keynes? Land of roundabouts! Last year i moved back to Maine after 15 years in London.


I am in Milton Keynes, yes :slight_smile: Well im in a town called Bletchley, a few minutes drive from MK and too be honst, i’ve lived here 69 days my entire life and have been no further on my own than to the bottom of my street because thats where work is and i dont drive :slight_smile: Where in London were you based?


Ooooh! Home of the codebreakers.


And I’ve still not been to Bletchley Park to see the engima machines, would you believe?!


I know Bletchley - that’s where the WWII code breakers were based! Once, many years ago, I went to the Remembrance Sunday service there. With a wicked hangover and a split lip after trying to do a drunken handstand on a tile floor. Tile floor - 1; me - 0.

For about 10 years I was in North London - mostly Finsbury Park area. For the last 5 I lived in Greenwich.


Im originally from Hertfordshire which as you jolly well know is just outside North London. I lived south of the river veeeery briefly but was in a rocky relationship fueled by drugs and partying - then she cheated and I left. But thats years ago.

What were you doing in London? I’ve always wanted to go to Maine; a friend of mine is from Maine and he tells me the fishing is awesome!


Hard to sum up that 15 years concisely, tbh! I was living a life of high responsibility and reckless abandon. I was put together on the outside and falling apart inside. I was feeling lost and confused and bereft. Then I decided to pack in that career and life and move to the woods and waters of Maine (where I’m originally from). The fishing here is fantastic, year round. And the trees are unreal.


Love your panda pj’s


Spoiled myself and bought new jewelry.
Exhausted from the days events.


Thank you! Favorite hairstyle to-date :grin:


The mighty power of the beard!