Sober selfies


Having a touring holiday drove round Greek side the south the north is the Turkish side have to cross the border and cant take hire car over , but beautiful island


Santa Claus is originated in many cultures from some kind of a goat figure…in Finnish the Word for Santa is still christmas goat :yum:


Congrats, thats awesome


Feeling down and very challenged after this mornings events. Eager to go to work and get the hell away from this toxic environment.


Enjoy your holiday! :+1: Never been there, but my parents liked the island.


400 days sober today! Enjoying a day off.


I was just so excited when iI saw you posted on here! Looking fabulous!!! Congrats on your 400 days!!!


Thank you!! It’s been a rollercoaster lately, so I haven’t been on here much :pensive:


I’m sure it has been, especially this time of year. Reach out anytime girl, I’m glad to see your smiling face today


Thank you Mandi :blush:


400 days is so awesome, congratulations. You look amazing.


The days a bit more brighter when you show up with a post😊


Congratulationd on your 400 sober days! :tada:


400 days of getting better at getting better! Showing up looking all sober and winter-stylish!


Over 300 days sober, less than a week 'til Christmas, a week 'til my birthday, & happier than ever! Much love all.:vulcan_salute:


Thank you so much!


LoL thank you.


Aww…well thank you. I’ve been in a bit of a funk since my mom passed away and just drowning myself in work to keep my mind occupied. Figured I should maybe check in lol


You aren’t laying in bed! A REAL selfie! You are a good looking dude when you are awake. I’m still so glad you are back.


Such a good, sober look that you’ve got there. Super proud of you :two_hearts: