Sober selfies


First selfie here(removed)…Happy to be up with a clear head. No swollen hands. No headache. This is the life…:blush:
"A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones."Proverbs 17:22 Waking up happy with a joyful spirit. No shame, fear or regret. Going to continue to enjoy my day off and my weekend with a clear head.


That one of the greatest gifts of sobriety, at least for me – that feeling of waking up clear-headed, guilt-free, remembering everything from the day/night before. I used to wake up with such an awful mixture of dread and lethargy every morning.

These days, I’m up by 5 AM, 0 regrets, ready to tackle the day. I am free from those old shackles.

Enjoy your day!


I think that’s my biggest motivator. I hate that feeling so much…and then having to go to work every other day with a hangover. Then you get nothing done…I’m happy to be going down the right path


Day 202. My hair is reminding me of Kurt Cobain today.


Wish I could get the waking up at 5am part down. Still I’ll take the rest


Love it!! :sparkles::sparkles:



Using up the last bit of sun for the day


I’m so jealous you are outside in gorgeous weather! Way to get at it! Come on spring!


Ah man.
I HATE respirator beard.
I always makes me feel like my beard is flipping up like Dilberts necktie.


It doubles as a great filter though :joy::rofl:

@MandiH the weather has been flat out luxurious. Like low 40s at night, high 60s in the day. Best time of year to be in the Valley


Happy Friday!


It’s a great saturday morning to be a bit creepy!


Your sweater!!! :heart_eyes:


I found it thrifting this week! It says “Canadian Wildlife” underneath and I’m pretty sure it’s circa 1980. Best purchase ever



Messing with fiberglass…oh fun! Itchy n scratchy show… Is that the door speaker panel? I see you have been puttin in some work! Looks good


Yeah… definitely itchy when working with the chop mat, and then sanding the laid up stuff. Gloves and respirator are a must, long sleeve shirt is a good idea too lol otherwise it’s a coooolllddd shower and lots of rubbing in the downward direction.

It’s coming along. I’m getting better at what I’m doing apparently :joy::rofl: and the bondo is much nicer product to work with than the duraglass was, way easier to sand and lays out pretty smooth on it’s own. Oh yeah, and a 20 dollar detail sander from harbor freight has been worth every penny


Yeah i tried fiberglassing a rear decklid for 6x9 grills to fit yrs ago. I eventually gave up after sanding and remolding. The bondo glass is more for structure to keep from cracking if using a thick amount. If your gonna paint it … That top coat stuff is amazing and. Sands like butter filling any small scratches or holes. If you wrap it in fabric it doesnt have to look as pretty lol…


Yeah i got the duraglass on recommendation for its building and strength properties, just didn’t get a finisher/light weight bondo until now. Bought some Roberlo maxifill on amazon on another recommendation from diyma, seller sent me maxilight, I sent a message and they apologized, said they’d send the maxifill out first thing in the morning and too keep the maxilight on them, fuck yeah free bondo! The maxilight is like a thick pudding, it’s been a joy to sand so far lol.

I used dolphin glaze from Upol on my dash pods and sail pods, that stuff is definitely butter. Ultra nice to use. Very smooth, no pinholes cause it mixes so lovely and you can start with a 240 grit no problem.

Youtuber named sprayway (shout out to my dude lol) does a lot of videos. I watched his rear deck video, hes a little country but I like his creations/creativity. Check it out, maybe you’ll try again lol

Also, it depends on what fabric you use to wrap it. If you use vinyl a lot of imperfections will show through, crapet not as much. I’m gonna paint mine so I would like them as clean as a newb like me can get them