Sober selfies


Ha 300! Man that’s f*****g grand work mate.
Now I know who you remind me of… Morrisy😂


Congrats on 300! That number looks pretty amazing on you! :star_struck::sunglasses::mans_shoe::eyeglasses::star_struck:


hahaha thanks man. I guess if you listen to Morrissey/Smiths long enough, you start to become Morrissey


Nice job!!! Congrats on 300!!


I saw them in '82. Tree branch and all!:grin:


You lucky bastard. They are my favorite band. I enjoy most of Morrissey’s solo stuff, but the material with The Smiths was better. Marr is one of my favorite guitarists.

Seen Mozzer once in 2016, drove to Brooklyn for it. It was great.


Nice work on 300 @TMAC! Always a steady source of inspiration and advocate of sensible (yet fashionable) shoes.


Wow! And many happy returns :blush::metal::boom:


i even sound like him coming from the promised land lol


300 days and looking great, congratulations!! :tada:


Your wish to wake up with a beard reminds me of a customer I had a few weeks ago. He want supplements to increase his beard growing :grinning:


Congrats on 300 and counting…keep moving forward, with or without the beard…


Phenomenal job!


Yaaaaaaasssssssss!!! :fire::fire:


:partying_face: :smiley: :sunny: what a great day it is today @TMAC nice work!


Thanks friend! How many more days to your 1-year? The countdown is on!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: 10 more days for me. Although my counter only says 1.5 lol I will celebrate 1 year when my youngest son celebrates his 8th birthday… And the tax deadline as well lol


Congratulations on 300 days! Wohoo that’s awesome :slight_smile:


Looking great Bill!


Feeling very springy today! But since there are lemons on my dress, a little zingy too :joy::joy: